Top 7 Must-Have Log Burner Accessories

Top 7 Must-Have Log Burner Accessories

Log burners are great. Smart shoppers love them because they’re an incredibly cheap and affordable way to heat your home. Environmentally-conscious consumers love them because wood fuel is a 100% carbon-neutral heat source. And fans of the outdoors love them because they’re the closest experience they can get to sitting in front of their garden chiminea during winter months.

If you’re a seasoned user of wood fuels, then you no doubt have many log burner accessories that you can’t imagine your life without. But if you’re new to wood heat, then you’ve still got a lot to learn.

In close collaboration with our in-house team of wood fuel experts, we’ve compiled this list of the top 7 must-have log burner tools and accessories. These will greatly improve your wood heating experience and save you money in the long run.

A fire screen in front of a burning fireplace.

Log Burner Accessories For Safety: Fire Screens and Fire Guards

When you’re dealing with fire, safety should always be your number one priority.

So the first accessory you should buy is a fire screen or a fire guard. This is the single most important accessory you can buy. A good fire screen will keep your pets and little ones away from the fire and prevent sparks from reaching your furniture or carpets.

There are plenty of fire guards on sale in the UK. On the low end, a fire guard can cost you as little as £30. Stylish upmarket options are available for around £100.

 A wood moisture meter showing the moisture content of a piece of firewood.

Log Burner Accessories For Piece of Mind: Wood Moisture Meter

As we’ve discussed in our ultimate guide to firewood, the most important determiner of wood fuel quality is moisture content.

Whenever the natural moisture contained in firewood and briquettes interacts with fire, it smoulders and releases hundreds of harmful compounds into the air. Chief among these is creosote, a highly toxic, cancerogenic substance that is harmful to all forms of life. But if you remove this moisture through drying, your wood fuels will burn cleanly and efficiently. 

According to UK law, all Ready to Burn firewood must be dried to a moisture content of under 20%. If the firewood you buy is Ready to Burn certified, you can be sure that it contains a safe amount of moisture at the time of purchase. However, long or improper storage can raise the initial moisture level of your firewood significantly. And being ultra-dry and porous, briquettes are even more prone to sucking up moisture from the air than firewood.

If you season your own logs or are worried about the moisture content of your store-bought wood fuels, then consider buying a wood moisture meter. You can get a basic wood tester for around £16. Trust us, the peace of mind you’ll get from using it will be more than worth it.

 Two black stove fans on top of a log burner.

Efficiency-Increasing Log Burner Accessories: Stove Fan

Sick and tired of having one part of your living room being hot while the other is cold?

Eco stove fans are a simple, modern solution to this problem. Simply place them in front of your log burner and it will distribute warm air throughout your entire room. Stove fans are whisper quiet and are designed in such a way that they don’t require any electricity, so you won’t have to worry about finding an outlet.

 A free standing log holder next to a burning log burner.

Most Stylish Log Burner Accessories: Freestanding Log Holders

Looking for a stylish, fashion-forward way to store your logs?

Then consider purchasing a stylish freestanding log holder. Such holders are becoming increasingly popular due to their mix of practicality and style.

They’re the perfect way to store 4 to 8 boxes worth of kiln-dried firewood right next to your log burner without it looking like an eyesore.

 A Valiant stove thermometer.

Log Burner Accessories For Cooking: Stove Thermometer

If your stove has a cooking surface, then you no doubt know how difficult it can be to use it properly.

Whether you’re searing steaks, sautéing vegetables, or frying some bacon and eggs for breakfast, temperature control is the name of the game. If your cooking surface is too hot, your food will burn from the outside before having a chance to cook all the way through. If it’s too cold, then your food can end up will the texture of rubber before you managed to it from the outside.

While experienced chefs might be able to eyeball it (something, we might add, they never do so in a professional setting), most of us amateur cooks can’t. So investing in a stove thermometer is a no-brainer.

Most stove thermometer models will magnetically attach to your wood burner’s flue pipe and give you an accurate reading of the temperature of your stove. If it’s burning too hot, lower the air intake and wait for the temperature to decrease. If it’s too cold, open the air intake or add additional wood fuel.

This stove top thermometer from Chesire Wood Stoves attaches magnetically and costs just £19.99.

 Two stove cleaning brushes with metal bristles.

Log Burner Accessories For Maintenance: Stove Care Kits

Investing in a simple stove care kit is the best way to keep your stove as clean and soot-free as new.

Most kits will contain everything you need to keep your stove clean of soot, dirt, and tar. By regularly cleaning your log burner, you will prolong its life and help it operate at maximum efficiency. As an added benefit, you will not need to hire a chimney sweep as often as usually.

This Valiant Stove Care Kit costs just £15.00 and contains 4 brushes that will help you keep your stove nice and clean.

 Log burner companion set in the middle of a room.

Log Burner Accessories For Convenience: Companion Sets

Coming in various styles and materials, log burner companion sets have all the essential tools you need to operate your wood burner.

While seasoned firewood users will recommend that you buy your pokers, log tongs, brushes, and shovels separately to guarantee the best quality, a simple set will do just fine for most people. At least for the first couple of years.

A simple no-thrills companion set like this one can be had for under £40 GBP.