Top 7 Use Cases For Hardwood Heat Logs

Top 7 Use Cases For Hardwood Heat Logs written over an image of Heat logs

Hardwood Heat Logs are absolutely incredible.

They burn hotter than any other type of wood fuel out there, so they’ll be able to keep your home nice and warm even in the bitterest of weather. They’re incredibly energy dense, with a single log containing more energy than the batteries of most plug-in hybrid vehicles. Their easy-to-portion design makes it simple to break off chunks as little as 100 grams for ultimate fuel consumption control. What's more, they’re a great eco-friendly booster fuel for times when you wish your main wood fuel burned just a little hotter.

Thousands of Lekto customers have left rave reviews about the product on our TrustPilot page. Reading through these reviews for quality control purposes, we noticed that the product can be used in ways even we ourselves hadn’t envisioned.

Read on to see the top 7 most popular use cases for Lekto Hardwood Heat Logs.

As a Standalone Wood Fuel

Let’s start with the obvious. Many people use Hardwood Heat Logs as their go-to wood fuel year-round. While we ourselves envision Heat Logs as more of a booster fuel that you use primarily to help your Sawdust Briquettes, Night Briquettes, or Kiln-Dried Birch Logs burn hotter, there’s no reason why it can’t be used as your main wood fuel.

Most of our customers already use Hardwood Heat Logs during the colder days of the year, but their easy-to-portion eco design makes them perfect for any kind of weather. Simply burn a little bit less during warmer days and a little bit more during colder days.

As a Space Saving Secondary Fuel

We often mention the fact that a single heat log contains 10,3 kWh worth of energy and that this is more energy that you’d find in the batteries of most plug-in hybrid vehicles. But what exactly does that mean for you?

As many Lekto customers have already realized, it means space efficiency. A single heat log contains more energy than several firewood logs but takes up a lot less space.

So if space is an issue, look no further than Hardwood Heat Logs.

A box of Lekto Hardwood Heat Logs in front of a burning fireplace.

Testing Out a New Appliance

Another ingenious way our clients use Hardwood Heat Logs is to test out their new wood burning appliances. Being universally compatible with virtually all types of appliances and having an easy-to-portion design, they’re perfect for seeing how your new log burner or chiminea works without dedicating several hours to it.

Simply break off a small chunk of a Heat Log, place it on burning kindling, and experiment away.

As a Booster Fuel For Firewood

One of the most popular uses for the product is as a heat boosting fuel for firewood. Heat Logs are perfect for situations when you wish your firewood burned a little hotter but don't want to waste an entire log or two to achieve the effect.

Simply break off a portion of a heat log and add it to the fire. Just make sure you don't break off a chunk that's two large. Heat Logs burn extra hot, so you could end up in a situation where you’d have to open the window to get rid of the excess heat.

As a Companion For Night Briquettes

Night Briquettes and Heat Logs are a match made in heaven. One fuel burns for a very long time but isn’t overly impressive in the heat output category. The other fuel burns extra hot but could benefit from a longer burn time.

Put them into the same stove and you’ll get the best of both worlds.

A wood burning stove.

As a Kindling Booster

Moving into slightly more advanced territory, let’s say you ran out of our Premium Wood Kindling, you need to light a stubborn piece of firewood, and your replacement kindling just isn’t getting the job done. What do you do?

Just break off a very small chunk of a Heat Log and place it on a burning Firelighter (or a burning piece of kindling wood).

Once the heat log chunk gets going, you can be sure it’ll provide you with more than enough energy to light any log that’s worth burning.

Source of High Quality, Natural Ash Fertilizer

Are you a gardener? Many of our clients are and they’ve discovered that the ash left by Hardwood Heat Logs makes for excellent fertilizer.

It shouldn't be too surprising. Lekto Wood Fuels' Hardwood Heat Logs are made from 100% natural Hardwood Sawdust and contain no chemical additives. So the ash you get from them is as pure as can be.

What’s your favourite use case for Hardwood Heat Logs? Tell us on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. We’d love to hear what you have to say.