Try Campfire Cooking This Bank Holiday

Try Campfire Cooking This Bank Holiday

This year, the May Day Bank Holiday in the UK has been moved from the first Monday of the month to Friday the 8th to coincide with the 75th Anniversary of VE Day and give us a double reason to celebrate.

So, with a change of date, why not swap up how you enjoy the day. Rather than a BBQ you can try a campfire for your cooking. There are so many campfire recipes you can enjoy and everyone can get involved, from toasting their marshmallows to baking a potato in the embers. And, with the UK on lockdown, it’s a fun way for the family to get outdoors and enjoy an activity together.

What Do I Need?

Whether you’re building a campfire from scratch or using a prebuilt fire pit, you are going to need some wood. Our compressed wood heat logs give you a high heat output far exceeding that of wholesale firewood and are simple to use. You can even split them by hand so there’s no need for an axe. What’s more, the heat logs are completely natural so there’s no transfer of artificial tastes and aromas to your food.

If you want something more traditional you can use our new kiln-dried firewood. The pre-cut chunky logs have a low moisture content so they are easy to light and will help give your food a more smokey flavour, great if you are cooking up stews in a pan or grilling a juicy steak (or vegetarian equivalent).

Don’t forget the firelighters and kindling to get it all started, and a night briquette used at the base of the fire will help those embers to keep smouldering and ensure your fire keeps you warm as the evening draws in.

What Can I Cook On A Campfire?

There are so many different recipes you can cook over a campfire from toast and grilled sausages to burgers, pizzas, stews and even cakes. There are four main ways to cook on a campfire;

  • With a Stick or Skewer: Think toasting marshmallows and kebabs and you’ll know what we mean. This is a really simple way to cook and lets everyone look after their own food.
  • On a Grill: Pop a griddle pan or rack over your campfire to cook your burger, sausages, chicken steaks, and more. 
  • In a Pan: Whip up a stew, cooked apple granola, or just cook your baked beans ready for you jacket potatoes.
  • Foil Packets: This is such a versatile way to cook, you simply put all the ingredients in a foil packet and put it in the embers. Stick with the classics like potatoes or mars bar bananas to Mac n’ Cheese or Chili Fries.

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