Great Uses For Your Wood Ash

Great Uses For Your Wood Ash

As the days and nights get colder, more heat logs will be used in your chiminea or wood-burning stove.

And, even though the resulting ash from your fireplace needs to be cleaned away, it doesn’t necessarily have to be binned.

Lekto’s heat logs contain less than 9% moisture, meaning that not only are they safer and more effective than firewood, but the remaining ash can be used as fertilizer in your garden.

As no chemical additives are used in the manufacturing process, the ash that remains is dry and much better for compost, as well as most vegetable patches and plants.

Be careful not to use your wood ash in soil used for fruits, however, as they will most likely require a more acidic soil and the ash from Lekto’s compressed logs is more alkaline in nature.

Furthermore, it is important that you do not put in too much wood ash at any one time. It is best to rake small amounts into your soil, but during winter, it can be sprinkled directly on the top of your vegetable patch’s soil. However, if rain is forecast, it’s better to mix in with the soil or compost, as its potassium can be washed away even during a quick downpour. 

By using hardwood, such as Lekto’s heat logs, the ash you provide your garden with will contain more nutrients and minerals than if you used softwood on your fireplace or log burner. By allowing your plants to get lime and potassium this way, they’ll be stronger plants and flowers come Spring.

Other uses for wood ash

As well as providing nutrients to your plants, wood ash can also be used for effective pest control. As well as lime and potassium, hardwood ash contains salt that will deter slugs and snails. 

When cleaning a log burner, you could use the remaining ash from your log fire to wipe the glass door of your fireplace or multifuel stove. By dipping a damp cloth or piece of newspaper into the ash, you can erase marks with ease.

We strongly suggest you leave this until the end of winter, as constant use of your stove will almost mean constant cleaning. 

Not just great for cleaning your stove or log burner’s glass door, ash and water can make an effective silver polish, should you have any items that need cleaning.

Finally, the ash left after your heat logs have burned away can be sprinkled on top of icy paths and driveways. The ash creates traction, making it safer to walk on and it also includes potash (potassium salt), which is an effective de-icing quality. 

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