What Is A Swedish Torch Log & Where Can You Get Them?

What Is A Swedish Torch Log & Where Can You Get Them?
It’s a trend that’s become increasingly popular with outdoors lovers recently, but exactly what is a Swedish torch log?

Often referred to as a “Canadian Candle”, a Swedish torch log is a singular log with vertical slits which is lit to create a self-contained fire. A Swedish torch log is vertically set on the ground and provides a flat surface for outdoor cooking at the top- This is just one of the reasons Swedish torch logs have become so popular with campers and nature lovers, and we’ll discuss this in more detail in just a second.

It’s impossible to answer the question of “what is a Swedish torch” without delving into its history. First developed centuries ago by the Swedish army, the Swedish fire torch was used in the Thirty Years War as a way of supplying heat and light when there was a lack of firewood available. Its history points to how the Swedish torch log is an efficient and effective way to create an outdoor fire.

We could write an essay on the long history of the Swedish fire torch but hopefully, those short facts have helped to answer the question of what is a Swedish torch. Now we’ve covered “what is a Swedish torch?”, let’s take a closer look at some of the benefits of this style of outdoor fire-making.

Highly Efficient

We’ve hinted at this before, but one of the most significant benefits of a Swedish torch log is how efficient a source of heat it is. Just one single log is required to create a fire which will stay burning for hours and hours. The vertical cuts in the log mean that when lit, the embers of the fire fall back inside the log to keep it burning. These cuts provide ventilation which keeps the fire going and allows it to burn from the inside out.

This makes using a Swedish torch log a more eco-friendly campfire method and one which will save you the money and effort of sourcing kilograms of wood to fuel your camping trip.


Once lit, a Swedish torch log requires very little maintenance. Burning from the inside out, the fire keeps itself going meaning you can focus on chilling out and enjoying your evening in the great outdoors. Due to the source of heat coming from a single log, a Swedish torch is very self-contained and more controlled than other open log fires.

Perfect For Open Fire Cooking

When answering the question of “what is a Swedish torch” we mentioned the flat surface which is provided for cooking. A Swedish torch log provides a really practical means of outdoor cooking, allowing you to boil or fry foods effectively without the pan sliding or falling over. Outdoor cooking can be great fun and it’s even better if you have the right tools, like a Swedish fire log. We’ve written quite a bit about cooking outdoors, so be sure to check out our article section and learn more about the many benefits of outdoor cooking.


One of the great advantages of using a Swedish fire torch is that you can use it pretty much any time of the year. As the flames are raised off the ground, the fire can be lit even when the ground is wet. If you’re braving a camping trip in winter, with a Swedish torch log you’ve got a tried and tested method for creating the warmth you’ll need.

We’ve provided plenty of information in answering “what is a Swedish torch” but what you probably really want to know now is where you can find one.

The short answer: Right Here! Swedish torch logs are now available to order from Lekto Wood Fuels, along with a range of other wood fuel products for heating homes, BBQ grilling, and much more.