What Is Kindling?

What Is Kindling?

As well as heat logs, firewood and briquettes, here at Lekto we also sell kindling wood? But what exactly is kindling?

Well, kindling is the small pieces of wood you use to help you get the fire started more quickly.

Why Do I Need Kindling?

By using wood kindling in your fire, wood stove or log burner you will end up with more efficient fire. Directly lighting the logs will mean it takes your stove longer to warm up which also means more waste and potential damage to your unit.

Check out our blog on lighting a fire for the best tips on how to use kindling correctly.

What Makes The Best Kindling?

There are all sorts of things that can be used as kindling but we believe the best is wood with a low moisture content, which is why that is what we sell. Our kindling is pre-cut into easy to use sticks and has an incredibly low moisture content of less than 10%. We also source our kindling (as well as all our wood products) from responsibly managed and sustainable forests.

How Should I Store Kindling?

It is important to store your kindling correctly and keep it dry. We provide kindling in boxes that are easy to stack. Once you open a box you can transfer some of the kindling to a suitable storage bucket or box closer to your fireplace.

Try our kindling for yourself with one of our mega boxes