What Is The Best Stove For You?

What Is The Best Stove For You?

Are you tired of high (or rising) central heating bills? Or perhaps you are looking to integrate a new homely feel to your living room?

Rather than wait for an unreliable boiler to stir itself into life and warm up your home at its own pace, you could try one of these wood fuel burners and get regular, long-lasting heat.


The only question is: which one?

Here we take a quick look at each stove…



Chimineas have been around for centuries and there is a reason: safety.

Once the heat logs are burning nicely, they distribute a high heat, while the fire itself is kept well away from you and your family.

Additionally, a chiminea’s stack or chimney vents any smoke away from the people sitting around it.

Unlike some stoves, chimineas also require very little tending to, especially if you are to use Lekto Night Briquettes or Hardwood Heat Logs. The bowl of the chiminea is designed specifically so that your fire will burn without you having to get up and fuss over it.

Another charming thing about chimineas is that they can be easily moved, meaning they don’t have to be stuck to one spot in your home.

So, if you’re enjoying an autumnal evening outside with friends or if you’re using briquettes to warm your home during a winter’s night, the chiminea can be exactly where you want it to be. This makes it ideal for when the weather gets warmer and you can place it away, safely in a corner.


Wood burning stove

Also known as a wood burner or log burning stove, this appliance comes with a few benefits, but unlike a chiminea, it is more than likely going to be situated in a fixed spot.

Nevertheless, it is still a stylish way of getting a lot of heat distributed to your home and keeping your family warm.

Once more, a chimney or log burner flue takes any smoke or gases away from those sitting beside it. It also creates a great atmosphere for you and your loved ones, as there are so many designs for you to choose from.

Furthermore, cleaning a log burner could not be easier (see our how-to blog here) and, should you use night briquettes or heat logs, it will be even simpler. This is because they contain significantly less moisture than firewood logs, are easier to light and will burn for longer.


Traditional Fireplace

As well as creating long-lasting heat and keeping your family safe (with the help of a traditional chimney, of course), fireplaces can really become the heart of anyone’s home, as they are so much fun to decorate – be sure to check out our Autumn and Winter Fireplace decoration ideas here.

Regardless of whether you have a classic or contemporary model, there is still something utterly romantic and homely about a roaring fire. When it’s one of those nights where it’s too cold to go out, place some hardwood logs onto the fireplace and enjoy each other’s company.

In addition to the aesthetic aspect of a fireplace, they are also a cost-effective appliance, as night burning briquettes and heat logs are significantly cheaper (and more environmentally friendly) than firewood.


Fire pit

Not as common inside, fire pits are most often used outdoors. Wherever it is placed, however, a fire pit can be a great place for friends and family to gather around, depending on whether you have space for it be centrally located.

Like chimineas, some fire pits can be moved, allowing them to be placed wherever they are most convenient. Also, as there is no installation process, you can simply place your kindling or firelighters inside and get instant warmth.

It should be noted, however, that many fire pits designs do not contain a barrier of any kind, so sparks, smoke or ash can fly or drift out.

This will also make tending to your fire pit slightly trickier than tending to any of the aforementioned stoves.


Your choice of heat source for your home will depend heavily on the size of your living room, as well as the style you want your home to have.

Whichever way you would like to keep warm this winter, you have a range of ways to start and maintain your fire…

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