What is the Best Wood for Burning in a Wood Burning Stove?

Lekto Wood Fuel Kindling, and Kiln Dried Hardwood Logs next to a wood-burning stove

It’s that time of the year again: the days are gradually getting longer, the nights shorter, and the promise of spring is just around the corner. What few of us would’ve anticipated, however, was the coldest January in 10 years, with temperatures dropping throughout the day and the heavy snowfalls surprising us every few weeks – a somewhat unseasonal development that’s having us reach for the firewood again.

When you wake up to a snowy backyard and freezing temperatures on a lazy weekend, nothing sounds better than cosying up around your wood-burning stove, wrapping yourself up in your favourite blanket, and listening to the fire crackle away well into the evening.

But do you really know what the best wood for burning indoors is?

Choosing the wrong type of wood for your wood-burning stove or log burner can impact the heat output and duration of your fire, so it’s best to get familiar with the ins and outs of stove-friendly wood fuels before preparing for your cosy night in!

What's The Best Type Of Wood For Burning Indoors

Sure, collecting logs from your local nature spot is a great idea when out on a camping trip, but when it comes to wood-burning stoves and log burners, picking a high-quality, dry (containing at least less than 20 moisture) wood is non-negotiable.

Wet, unseasoned logs are not only frustratingly hard to light and burn efficiently but also terrible for your stove: they will release more smoke and creosote than wood fuels designed for indoor burning, blackening and damaging your appliance as well as releasing harmful pollutants into the atmosphere.

Not to mention, burning wet, unseasoned logs is a fire hazard that shouldn’t be ignored!

Lekto Natural Firelighters and Kiln-Dried Hardwood Logs in front of a fire

When choosing the right fuel to use in wood-burning stoves, you should only reach for dried seasoned firewood to ensure a thoroughly warm home and better air quality for both your family and the planet.

On top of that, hardwoods such as ash, oak, birch, or beech are generally the best wood for burning and are recommended over softwoods like pine. This is because hardwoods typically produce more energy per log and ensure a high to moderate heat output for a longer period of time.

The 5 Best Wood Fuels For Your Wood-Burning Stove

The next step in your wood fuel selection should be dictated by your specific needs when lighting a fire. Here are our top 5 recommendations for a safe and consistent fire that will banish the cold and light up the atmosphere of your home:

1 - Kiln-Dried Oak

Oak is the perfect hardwood for a fire that will burn long and bright, offering a higher calorific output than other woods and ensuring a consistent burn of up to 3 hours.

Lekto’s Kiln-Dried Oak Firewood is the ideal choice for heating up your home in a flash and setting the cosy mood with a pleasant, yet subtle aroma. The downside of this option? Kiln-Dried Oak tends to be considerably more expensive than other wood fuels – but you’re guaranteed to get your money’s worth!

2 - Kiln-Dried Birch

Birch is also a great choice when looking for a stove-friendly, consistent fire.
Birch is one of the most versatile woods, able to please everyone and fit all sorts of situations, from pizza ovens to firepits and, of course, wood-burning stoves.

Lekto’s Kiln-Dried Hardwood Logs are just as beautiful as they are efficient, offering a high heat output (though definitely not as high as oak) and minimal smoke thanks to their low moisture content.

3 - Hardwood Heat Logs

A reliable and practical alternative to traditional logs, extra-dry birch sawdust Hardwood Heat Logs are also a great choice when looking for a fire that will burn bright and extra quick, ensuring a warmer home in minutes.

Note that they will require a little more tending, especially at the beginning, as they will quickly expand in size once lit!

4 - Sawdust Briquettes (AKA 'Day Briquettes')

Made from 100% pure hardwood birch sawdust, Sawdust Briquettes are a great economical alternative to traditional logs and birch Hardwood Logs. They require minimal tending once lit and they are guaranteed to burn just as efficiently and with the same heat output of three or four logs, as long as you are using two or three briquettes at the time.

They might not be the best choice if you are looking for a product with a rustic feel and pleasant appearance to add a unique touch to the living room, but they are perfect for efficient storage!

5 - Night Briquettes

If you are looking for the best wood fuel for burning overnight (or even during those evenings where you want to sit back and relax for hours without having to get up), then look no further than Lekto’s Night Briquettes.

Designed for a long, slow burn of up to 8 hours, they are made from sustainable softwood bark and offer a moderate heat output perfect for a consistent fire. If warming up the room quickly is not a priority in your book, these softwood briquettes can be a great, economical alternative for a cosy night in.

The Best Wood  For Burning Is What Fits Your Needs Best

The bottom line is that the best wood for burning in your wood-burning stove will depend on your needs, storage preferences, and budget.

Are you looking for the most powerful and reliable heat? Then Kiln-Dried Oak and birch Hardwood Heat Logs will fit the profile just fine. Looking for a more economical option? Then Sawdust Briquettes or Kiln-Dried Hardwood Logs are going to be great for the job.

All of our products, while 100% natural, have been carefully processed to ensure high-quality performance, bringing the best of both worlds to your home and chiminea. Whatever wood fuel you end up picking to take care of your fire needs, you’ll be guaranteed a safe, efficient, and sustainable burn throughout!

Images by @ablondeinbristol