What Is The Woodsure Ready To Burn Scheme For Firewood?

What Is The Woodsure Ready To Burn Scheme For Firewood?

When choosing the best firewood for your wood-burning needs, factors like burning time and appliance requirements might be your top priority. But while making sure your firewood of choice is providing the power you need to burn for as long as you need it to is fundamental, double-checking if it ticks all the firewood safety boxes is even more crucial — you’re playing with fire after all!

That’s why keeping an eye out for wood fuel brands sporting the Woodsure Ready To Burn Scheme’s logo, the UK’s leading woodfuel accreditation scheme, is one of the most important steps in making sure your firewood is safe for burning and environmentally sustainable.

Needless to say, all our premium-quality wood fuels have been fully accredited!

Here’s all you need to know about the Woodsure Ready To Burn Scheme, including the strict requirements retailers have to adhere to in order to receive the accreditation and why it is so important for guaranteeing a safe burn, every time.

What Is Ready To Burn Firewood?

So, what’s the purpose of this scheme and why is a Ready To Burn certificate so crucial when it comes to choosing what firewood to invest in?

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Woodsure Ready To Burn scheme is the Defra (Department for Environment, Food, and Rural Affairs) appointed body for administering the Ready To Burn Scheme for firewood, backed by all industry leaders and representatives, as well as The Mayor of London.

The Scheme was born out of the need to monitor and phase out the use of wet or unseasoned firewood for indoor and outdoor burning, following troubling reports of poor air quality and hazardous, unsustainable emissions stemming from the use and household burning of wet wood.

As coal and wet wood continue to be phased out throughout 2021, experts are expecting to see a dramatic increase in air quality as well as a gradual positive climate impact. Wet wood is considered one of the leading causes of air pollution in the UK, and as households move towards using seasoned firewood and making their homes more energy-efficient overall, making sure your firewood is certified by the Woodsure Ready To Burn Scheme has become virtually non-negotiable.

Woodsure Ready To Burn Scheme: Requirements For Retailers

So, what does it take for woodfuel manufacturers and retailers to get approved by the Scheme?

In order to be certified as “Ready To Burn”, the woodfuels in question (specifically firewood logs and briquettes) have to contain a moisture level of below 20% and be able to demonstrate this moisture content through audit and point of sale moisture level checks.

On top of that, manufacturers and retailers have to be able to provide point of sale information and support concerning the safety and best use of their firewood and briquettes, including how to best store the products to ensure their quality remains intact over time.

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