Where To Store Kindling

Where To Store Kindling

Kindling is an essential part of building a fire, whether that’s in your log burner, wood stove, fire pit, pizza oven or wherever you want to create a strong burning fire.

Good kindling has the same properties as firewood. It should have a low moisture content, come from untreated woods (so avoid painted timber and pallets), and it should be stored somewhere it is protected by the elements but able to breathe.

So where can you store your kindling?

The most important thing is to keep your kindling away from moisture and open flames - so don’t store it too close to the fire! When we say it should be able to breathe this means don’t store it in plastic bags or airtight containers.

Storing Kindling Indoors.

Some of the most popular ways of storing kindling indoors are kindling baskets or kindling boxes. This is a great way to keep a small amount of kindling wood handy for building up your next fire. You can choose something that shows retro-chic, or ultra-modern styles, anything that fits with the aesthetic of your room.

Metal buckets, wicker baskets or old wooden boxes are all fantastic for storing your kindling wood. However, a plastic storage container can hold moisture which may affect how well your kindling burns, so make sure these have suitable air circulation and wipe them clean on a regular basis. 

Kindling boxes with lids can also have the same problem with moisture. If you decide to choose one of these, make sure you have enough air holes, or a slightly loose fit to the lid to make sure the wood doesn’t become damp. 

Storing Kindling Outdoors

If you use a purpose-built log store then you can include a section for storing kindling there. Because your dried wood logs need the same storage conditions as your kindling, they can be kept in the same place. When you need kindling for the fire just fill up your box, basket or bucket and take it indoors.

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