Why Hearths Are Important For Your Fireplace?

Why Hearths Are Important For Your Fireplace?

As well as creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere in your living room, a fireplace hearth and surround can also function in many other ways.

Here, we look at some of the purposes hearths may have and why they are important to your fireplace.

Drawing attention to your fireplace

As well as being a source for heat and light in your living room, a fireplace can be the focal point of your space, allowing you to create romantic and effective atmospheres in your own home. The shape of your hearth can assist in this, drawing the attention of visitors to a roaring fire or beautiful decoration.

Additional decoration to your living room

In addition to being the home of a welcoming fire, your fireplace can also be the centre point of your living room through the use of decoration. With the use of hearth tiles, your fireplace can add an extra dimension to your home and really set the tone for your house’s decorative style.

If designed and decorated effectively, your fireplace hearth and surround can even add value to your home, should you be considering selling your house.

Safety features of hearth fireplaces

Often made from brick, marble or stone, a fireplace hearth is perfect for preventing embers or firewood logs from reaching the living room floor. By having that space, dangers can be prevented also through the hearth acting as a barrier to keep young children and pets away from the fireplace itself.  

A hearth can double up as a place to store briquettes, firewood and fireplace tools

Rather than having an extra area of your living room being used for storage, the hearth can also act as a place to keep your fireplace accessories, such as stokers and firewood buckets. 

If you’re looking for the complete look to your fireplace, a hearth - as well as heat logs - is ideal for creating a truly homely feel in your living room.    

Photo by @woodsintothewoods (https://instagram.com/woodsintothewoods)