Why Lekto's Products Are The Best Way To Keep Warm This Christmas

Why Lekto's Products Are The Best Way To Keep Warm This Christmas

Christmas Eve is the most magical night of the year. 

Christmas decorations, Christmas songs and Christmas food are all important, but we would like to focus on the most important winter warmer - your fireplace.

Nothing says Christmas Eve quite like a roaring fire and nothing says a roaring fire quite like Lekto’s Hardwood Heat Logs.

With very little moisture content, our logs are perfect for keeping the family warm, as well as making the evening that little bit more magical. Heat Logs add a beautifully rustic look to your home and makes your Christmas Eve fire that little bit more traditional.

Our hardwood logs have a high heat output that can last for up to 2 hours, ensuring your home is beautifully warm when baby, it’s cold outside.

What’s more, they can make a fantastic present for other log burner or wood-burning stove aficionados, so your family and friends can also stay warm, as a display of our beautiful logs will look right at home by their stove or fireplace.

Whatever you do this Christmas Eve, be sure to stay warm with Lekto Wood Fuels and buy your Heat Logs here. 

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And, if it’s getting closer to bedtime and you are looking for a toastier way to keep pleasantly warm throughout the night, our all night briquettes are the best in the business for ensuring that, if Santa gets stuck in the chimney, he would be snug as a bug in there.

In all seriousness, our Night Briquettes are perfect for keeping your home cosy until Christmas Day morning. Just maybe don’t put them on the fire until the kids have gone to bed (and are fast asleep), as we don’t want to ruin any childhoods.

Our night burning briquettes can last up to 8 hours and the glowing red embers that remain in the morning could make for a magical Christmas story, such as the way Santa has ascended back up the chimney after leaving lots of lovely presents.

Made from 100% softwood, the briquettes' low moisture content ensures they last longer than traditional firewood, while their natural manufacturing process (no chemicals added) allows the remaining ash - of which, there is very little - to be used as fertiliser in the garden.

Gift yourself or your friends and family with a warm Christmas Eve this year and buy your Lekto Night Briquettes here.

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