Why You Should Use Lekto Wood Fuels To Keep Warm This Winter

Why You Should Use Lekto Wood Fuels To Keep Warm This Winter
Even though Christmas has come and gone, there are still a few weeks of winter left. So while you are at home, ordering bargains in the sales, make sure you order in enough wood fuel to see you through the cold and into the spring sunshine.

At Lekto Wood Fuels, our range of Hardwood Heat Logs and Night briquettes are perfect for the following reasons:

  1. Made from natural wood, our logs and briquettes contain no chemicals.
  2. With less than 9% moisture, the flames burn the wood (rather through any moisture) and create very little smoke.
  3. No chemicals are added to the manufacturing process for either of these products, meaning the little ash that is left after burning can be used as fertiliser.
  4. Using our logs or all night briquettes will significantly cut down on your heating bills.
  5. Our Heat Logs can burn for 2-3 hours, creating a high heat output.
  6. Our Night Briquettes are designed for a longer, slower burn of up to 6-8 hours.
  7. Both our Night Burning Briquettes and Hardwood Heat Logs are suitable for log burners, pizza ovens, fireplaces and chimineas.
  8. Both products are easy to break, so you only use what you need. 
  9. Our products are incredibly easy to store. Perfect for storing inside a shed or garage or they can even be used as effective decorations for your fireplace and hearth area.
  10. Our Logs and Briquettes can provide a sumptuous fire, especially with the help of our Kindling and Firelighters.

Just because we’ve got a bit of time before the sun becomes more of a permanent feature in our lives, we want to make sure you aren’t going cold.

So, if you require a roaring fire to keep yourself and your loved ones warm, buy your Hardwood Heat Logs here.

If you would like the chance to take the chill off your home for long periods of time, buy your Night Briquettes here.