Ultimate Guide to Lekto Night Briquettes

Ultimate Guide to Lekto Night Briquettes

A next-gen wood fuel for an eco-conscious world.

Made from a proprietary blend of softwood bark, Lekto Night Briquettes burn longer than any other wood fuel on the market. With up to 8 hours of burn time. Reliable heat output. And an ultra-high calorific value of 4.4 kWh/kg. Night Briquettes are purpose-built to help you get the sleep you deserve without making 2 AM trips to your wood burner.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Lekto Night Briquettes

    What are Lekto Night Briquettes made from?

    Lekto Night Briquettes are made of a proprietary blend of 100% natural, chemical-free softwood bark.

    The material we use is an eco-friendly sawmill byproduct that was usually discarded. No trees are cut to produce any Lekto Night Briquettes.

    How can I get 8 hours of burn time from my Night Briquettes?

    Follow the instructions at the top of this page to get optimal performance from your Lekto Night Briquettes.

    Are Lekto Night Briquettes Ready to Burn certified?

    Yes, all Lekto-produced wood fuels have full Ready to Burn certification.

    Can I use Lekto Night Briquettes on an open fire?

    Yes, you can use Lekto Night Briquettes in an open fire.

    However, this is not the optimal use case. It is impossible to regulate the airflow in an open fire, so your Night Briquettes won’t last the advertised 8 hours.

    Can I use Lekto Night Briquettes in a smoke-free area?

    Absolutely. Lekto Night Briquettes work great in DEFRA-approved appliances designed for smoke control areas.

    How many Night Briquettes come in one box?

    Each Mini Pack of Lekto Night Briquettes contains 20 briquettes. Each briquette weighs about a kilogram.

    Do Night Briquettes produce ash?

    Yes. Lekto Night Briquettes are made of 100% chemical-free softwood bark and produce 100% chemical-free, natural ash when burned. Natural softwood bark ash has many beneficial properties, so many of our customers collect it for use in their homes and gardens.

    What can I do with the ash from my Lekto Night Briquettes? 

    Natural softwood ash has thousands of uses in the home and garden. It's an excellent source of fertiliser. Mixed in with a bit of water, it can make for an effective, eco-friendly cleaning paste. And it can even serve as a garden pest repellant, protecting your plants from slugs and snails.

    Why do Night Briquettes leave stains on the glass of my wood burner?

    Black stains on glass surfaces may appear if your stove wasn’t pre-heated to a sufficient level before the briquettes were added. This can be avoided by heating up your stove or chimea to a higher temperature before you place your briquettes inside it.

    The stains themselves can be easily cleaned off with a combination of ash and water.

    How are Lekto Night Briquettes packaged?

    Lekto Night Briquettes come in eco-friendly cardboard outer packaging that can be reused as tinder. 

    As briquettes are highly sensitive to humidity, we have no other option but to use airtight inner packaging to preserve their properties in shipping and storage.

    We currently use ultra-thin plastic for this purpose, but we are actively searching for more eco-friendly options.

    How heavy is a pack of Lekto Night Briquettes?

    Each Mini Pack of Lekto Night Briquettes weighs 20 kilograms. 

    How long will a pack of Lekto Night Briquettes last me?

    A Mini Pack of Night Briquettes should last you a total of around ten nights. This is based on an average recommended usage of 2 Night Briquettes per night. 

    Where can I store my Lekto Night Briquettes?

    We recommend you store your Lekto Night Briquettes in a cool, dry place. The briquettes come packaged in easy-to-store, airtight protective packaging that can help protect them in the short term. However, proper long-term storage is necessary to avoid performance degradation as the years pass.

    Are Lekto Night Briquettes smokeless? 

    No, Night Briquettes are not a smokeless wood fuel. However, they can be burned in smoke-controlled areas, provided you use them in an appliance approved by DEFRA.

    What Size Are Lekto Night Briquettes?

    Each Night Briquette is 16 cm in length, 13 centimetres in width, and 6cm in height. They all weigh a kilogram and have a volume of 1248 cm3.

    What is the moisture content of Lekto Night Briquettes?

    Lekto Night Briquettes are dried to ultra-low moisture levels of below 9%.

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