Ultimate Guide to Lekto Pini Kay Eco Logs

Ultimate Guide to Lekto Pini Kay Eco Logs

All the heat you need. In one small package.

Enjoy unparalleled convenience. With an ultra-high calorific value, no-roll shape, and a no-tending-required burn, Lekto Pini Kay Eco Logs are the definition of modern convenience. Try them out now and you will wonder how you ever lived without them.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Lekto Pini Kay Eco Logs

    What are Pini Kay Eco Logs made from?

    Lekto Pini Kay Eco Logs are composed of a unique blend of 100% natural, chemical-free hardwood sawdust.

    The sawdust we use is a sawmill byproduct. This means that no trees are cut in order to make Lekto Pini Kay Eco Logs.

    Where can I use them?

    Pini Kay Eco Logs are great for use in virtually all types of appliances, including chimneys, open fires, multifuel stoves, woodburning stoves, and pizza ovens. 

    How to use Pini Kay Eco Logs?

    Follow the instructions at the top of this page to get the most out of your Pini Kay Eco Logs.

    Why are Lekto Pini Kay briquettes called Eco Logs?

    Lekto designed its Pini Kay Eco Logs to be as environmentally-friendly as possible. They are made from sawmill byproducts, so their creation reduces waste instead of increasing it. They have an ultra-low moisture content, so they produce the absolute minimum of smoke when burned.

    How many Pini Kay Eco Logs come in a pack?

    Each Pini Kay Eco Log box contains 24 logs and weighs 20 kilograms.

    What is the moisture content of Lekto Pini Kay Eco Logs?

    Lekto Pini Kay Eco Logs are dried to an ultra-low moisture level of under 9%.

    How many Pini Kay Eco Logs can I use at a time? 

    There is no universal answer to this question. It all depends on the size of your stove or chiminea. Pini Kay Eco Logs do not roll or expand when they burn. However, if you're new to briquettes try to use a little bit less than you think is optimal as they burn quite hot.

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