Ultimate Guide to Lekto Fire Logs

Ultimate Guide to Lekto Fire Logs

High heat output meets long burn time.

Made from highly compressed sawdust, Lekto Fire Logs offer the perfect combination of heat output and burn time. With 3 hours of burn time, high heat output, and exceptional energy density, Fire Logs are purpose-built for efficient, economical winter heating.

Lekto Fire Logs usage instructions.

Frequently Asked Questions About Lekto Fire Logs

What are Lekto Fire Logs made from?

Lekto Fire Logs are made from highly compressed softwood sawdust, an eco-friendly, traditionally-discarded sawmill byproduct.


How can I get the most burn time from my Fire Logs?

Fire Logs work best in pre-heated stoves. Please follow the instructions at the top of this page to get optimal performance from your Lekto Fire Logs.


Are Lekto Fire Logs Ready to Burn certified?

Yes, Lekto Fire Logs are Ready to Burn certified. Their certificate number is WS370/00008.


Can I use Lekto Fire Logs on an open fire?

Yes, Lekto Fire Logs can be used in an open fire. Simply follow the instructions above and make sure your open fire is pre-heated ahead of time.


Can I use Lekto Fire Logs in a smoke-free area?

Yes. Lekto Fire Logs are Ready to Burn-certified and will work great in DEFRA-approved appliances designed for smoke control areas.


How many Fire Logs come in one box?

Each Mini Pack of Lekto Fire Logs contains 12 logs, each weighing approximately 1.66 kilogrammes.


How long do Fire Logs burn for?

Fire Logs have a burn time of around 3 hours, provided you use them according to the provided instructions. You can increase their burn time by lowering the airflow settings of your appliance, however this will come at the expense of heat output. If you wish them to burn hotter at the expense of burn time, open your airflow controls to the maximum position.


How are Lekto Fire Logs packaged?

Lekto Fire Logs come in eco-friendly cardboard outer packaging that can be reused as tinder. As briquettes are highly sensitive to humidity, we have no other option but to use airtight inner packaging to preserve their properties in shipping and storage. We currently use thin plastic for this purpose, but we are actively searching for more eco-friendly options.


How heavy is a pack of Lekto Fire Logs?

Each Mini Pack of Lekto Fire Logs weighs 20 kilogrammes.


Where can I store my Lekto Fire Logs?

Once opened, Lekto Fire Logs should be stored in a cool, dry, well-ventilated place. That being said, Fire Logs come packaged in easy-to-store, airtight protective packaging, which will protect them against the elements until they are opened.


Are Lekto Fire Logs smokeless? 

No, Fire Logs are not a smokeless wood fuel. However, they can be burned in smoke-controlled areas, provided you use them in an appliance approved by DEFRA.


What Size Are Lekto Fire Logs?

Each Fire Log is 295 mm in length and has a width of 70 mm.


What is the moisture content of Lekto Fire Logs?

Lekto Fire Logs are dried to ultra-low moisture levels of below 9%, which is well under the 20% stipulated by the Ready to Burn standard.