BBQ & Grill Price Drop

Turbo-Charge Your BBQ Game

Become a master of backyard grilling with premium BBQ products from the UK’s most trusted manufacturer.

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Choose Your Weapon

Premium Lumpwood Charcoal. The perennial favourite of BBQ purists. Extremely easy to light. Ready to cook on within 20 minutes. Burns hotter and cleaner than briquettes.

Swedish Torch Logs. Take your fire with you everywhere. Can be used on wet or snow-covered ground. No firestarters or kindling required. Lightweight and extremely portable thanks to a rope handle.

 Apple Wood Chips. Your secret BBQ weapon. A great way to add a fruity and smoky flavour to the food you cook. Perfect for fish and vegetables. Can also be used for grilling cheese, pork, and poultry.

Cherry Wood Chips. Enjoy maximum flavour. Cherry chips give more flavour than apple chips and add a beautiful reddish tone to your food. They’re the perfect match for pork, duck, venison, and poultry.

Limited Time Offer. Offer Ends September 20.