Kiln Dried Birch Logs
Kiln Dried Birch Logs
Kiln Dried Birch Logs
Kiln Dried Birch Logs
Kiln Dried Birch Logs
Kiln Dried Birch Logs
Kiln Dried Birch Logs
Kiln Dried Birch Logs
Kiln Dried Birch Logs
Kiln Dried Birch Logs

Kiln Dried Birch Logs

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Our Ready to Burn firewood comes in cardboard packaging, which is 100% plastic-free, so you can buy with peace of mind knowing that your kiln-dried wood is not only good for your fireplace, but for the planet as well. Lekto’s Kiln Dried firewood logs are both practical and beautiful. Their low moisture content means they burn well with high heat output. Our hardwood firewood cardboard boxes can give you so many different benefits.

Kiln Dried Birch Log Advantages:

  • Easy to handle boxes that make storage easy
  • Ultra-low moisture content under 20%.
  • Chunky split logs that look great and are cut to a consistent size-25cm
  • 100% Natural sourced from responsibly managed forests
  • Suitable for everything from open fires and wood burners to firepits and pizza ovens
  • Superlative purchase size flexibility. Lekto birch logs are sold in sets of 3 boxes. Each set is packaged in a protective outer box to further shield it during delivery. Each box has a volume of 22 litres and weighs 8-9 kilogrammes.
    Why Choose Kiln Dried Birch Logs?

    Chunky Firewood Logs: These firewood logs are ideal for log burners and wood stoves. You can also use them in an open fire to keep you warm on a chilly evening. Each chunky log is 25cm long, making them easier to store without compromising on heat output. And because they are made of natural, unprocessed wood they have a pleasing aesthetic, bringing a rustic air to your room.

    Great For Cooking: Cooking over an open fire is great, and these logs are an amazing way to toast marshmallows or bake a potato. You can also use them in pizza ovens, fire pits, and chimineas whilst enjoying the summer sun. They give off high heat and burn with a sweet, natural aroma. This will positively influence the taste of your food and give it a pronounced smokey flavour.

    100% Natural Product: All our kiln-dried heat logs are sourced from sustainably managed forests. We don’t add any chemicals or preservatives to them, making sure they’re as natural as possible and have minimal environmental impact. Because they’re an all-natural product, there is always a slight variation in the weight of each log. On average, each 22-litre box weighs between 8 and 10 kilogrammes.

    Perfect for Use With Other Lekto Products: If you want to get the most out of your kiln-dried firewood, use them with our other natural fuel products. Our fire-lighters and kindling are a great way to get the fire started. And adding a couple of hardwood heat logs will help provide more heat and may extend the burn time.

    Usage Instructions

    To ensure optimal performance, Lekto products must be stored in a dry place.​​​​​​

    1. Open your air controls. Set the air controls of your wood-burning stove or chimney to their most open position.

    2. Add fire starting material. Arrange your kindling in a criss-cross formation. Put a firelighter at the centre of the formation.

    3. Start the fire. Light the firelighter and wait for the kindling to catch fire. 

    4. Add logs. Once the kindling is burning nicely, you can add the first logs. Place them at a vertical angle with enough room for air to pass through between them.

    5. Reduce the airflow. Once the logs are burning, slightly reduce the air intake. This will help the logs burn longer and hotter.

    Shipping & Delivery

    FREE delivery to most UK postcodes on orders over £75. To learn about geographical restrictions and delivery rates to unsupported regions, see our Shipping & Delivery page.

    Orders up to 320 kg are delivered by DPD or Parcelforce. Orders above 320 kg are delivered by Palletways.

    See our Shipping & Delivery page for additional information.

    Possibility of Split Deliveries

    Please note that DPD may split up your order into several parts and deliver them separately. This is due to the way heavy shipments are handled by their delivery systems. The remaining part of the delivery usually arrives within 1-3 days of the first one.

    Ready to Burn Certification

    Lekto Kiln Dried Birch Firewood is certified according to Defra’s "Ready To Burn" wood fuel quality standard.

    Issued Certificate Number: WS370/00003