Night Briquettes
Night Briquettes
Night Briquettes
Night Briquettes
Night Briquettes
Night Briquettes
Night Briquettes
Night Briquettes
Night Briquettes
Night Briquettes
Night Briquettes
Night Briquettes

Night Briquettes

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Tired of constantly getting up to feed your burner? Don’t want to overheat your rooms just to keep them warm for longer? Then we’ve got the perfect set-and-forget solution for you!

Lekto Night Briquettes can keep your rooms warm for up to 8 hours with minimal tending. They’re compatible with all stoves and can burn four times as long as other wood fuels. Start using Night Briquettes today to reduce your overall wood fuel consumption. This will help you save time, money, and storage space.

  • Made from 100% sustainably-sourced softwood bark.
  • Shipped in compact, stackable, easy-to-store boxes.
  • Each box contains 20 briquettes and weighs 20 kg.
  • Lekto’s best-selling product with a stellar rating.
  • Compatible with all wood-burning appliances.
Why Choose Night Briquettes?

The Original Long-Burning Logs

Night Briquettes are the UK’s original long-burn logs. With a proven track record and tens of thousands of positive reviews, they’re Lekto’s most customer-loved product. Countless UK households have been swearing by these 8 hour burning logs for years.

Compatible With Any Wood Burning Appliance

You don’t need to buy some special ultra-efficient appliance to take full advantage of Lekto Night Briquettes. You can use our night logs for wood burners, multi-fuel stoves, sheltered fire pits, chimineas, wood-burning stoves, conventional log burners, and any other type of wood-burning appliance with adjustable airflow controls.

All-Natural, Sustainably-Sourced Product

All-natural softwood bark sourced from sustainably managed forests is what’s needed to create the best Night Briquettes possible. Thanks to its natural burning characteristics, softwood bark is absolutely perfect for slow-burning logs. No binders, lighter fluids, or any other chemicals are added to Night Briquettes during the production process.

Incredibly Easy to Store and Handle

Even the best overnight logs wouldn’t be worth much if they were a hassle to store and handle. Custom-made for Night Briquettes, our boxes fit the products perfectly without any wasted space. They are super durable and can be stacked on top of one another. And they weigh just 20 kilos, which makes them easy to handle.

Usage Instructions

After being opened, all Lekto products must be stored in a dry, ventilated space to ensure optimal performance.

  1. Preheat your appliance. Start the fire with your regular wood fuel of choice.
  2. Increase the airflow. Once your primary fuel has burned down to embers, open your appliance's vents to the maximum airflow setting.
  3. Add your Night Briquettes. Place 2-3 Night Briquettes on top of the dying embers and avoid moving them.
  4. Lower the air intake. Once your Night Briquettes are burning nicely, set your airflow controls to the lowest setting according to the stove’s manual.
  5. Enjoy. You can now expect up to 8 hours of even heat.
Shipping & Delivery

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Possibility of Split Deliveries

Please note that DPD may split your order into several parts and deliver them separately. This is due to the way their delivery systems handle heavy shipments. The remaining part of the delivery usually arrives within one to three days of the first one.

Ready to Burn Certification

Lekto Night Briquettes are certified according to the UK Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs’ Ready To Burn wood fuel certification scheme. This means they’ve been independently tested by an accredited institution to ensure they comply with the highest quality standards. Learn more about Ready to Burn.

Certified Product: Night Briquettes

Ready to Burn Certificate Number: WS370/00004

Technical Specifications

Product material: 100% softwood bark

Calorific value: 4.5 kWh/kg

Manufacturing process: Industrial briquetting press

Ready to Burn certificate number: WS370/00004

Product height: 70 mm

Product width: 155 mm

Product depth: 120 mm

Product weight: 1 kg

Briquettes per box: 20

Box weight: 20 kg

Outer packaging: 100% cardboard

Inner packaging: Low-density polyethylene (LDPE) 

Recycling information: Fully recyclable

Box height: 333 mm

Box width: 344 mm

Box depth: 269 mm

Box volume: 30.8 litres