Kiln Dried Logs

The recipe is simple. Take the highest quality ash, oak and birch sourced from sustainably-run forests. Cut into equally-sized chunks. Kiln-dry it to perfection in a state-of-the-art oven. And package it in durable, easy-to-handle, 100% plastic-free cardboard packaging.

That’s how you create the UK’s best kiln-dried hardwood logs. 

Lekto kiln-dried logs are incredibly easy to light. They burn cleanly and efficiently. 

Why Choose Lekto Kiln-Dried Logs?
  • Full Ready to Burn certification. Lekto’s oak logs are fully certified according to the Ready to Burn wood fuel quality standard. Certificate number: WS370/00003
  • Kiln-dried to ultra-low moisture. This helps ensure supreme ease of lighting, a higher, more efficient heat output, and a more efficient burn.
  • Superlative purchase size flexibility. Lekto logs are sold in sets of 3 boxes. Each set is packaged in a protective outer box to further shield it during delivery. Each box has a volume of 22 litres and weighs 8-10 kilogrammes.
  • 100% natural, chemical-free product. Lekto’s logs are sourced exclusively from sustainably managed forests. No chemicals or preservatives are added during the production process.
  • Perfect for cooking purposes. Our logs will give your food an amazing smokey flavour and their massive heat output makes them the prime choice for searing steaks and use in pizza ovens.
Why Choose Lekto?
  • The UK’s highest-rated wood brand. Lekto is the UK’s most highly-rated fuelwood supplier with over 15,000 positive customer reviews. Visit our Trustpilot page to learn more.
  • Gain 2 loyalty points for every £1 spent. Each Lekto loyalty programme point is worth 1p. Points can be redeemed for coupons worth up to £50.
  • Trees for Reviews. Lekto plants a tree for every review left on its Trustpilot page. Share your Lekto experience on Trustpilot to participate.
  • Fast, Free UK delivery. All orders over £75 are eligible for free trackable delivery to the vast majority of UK postcodes. Visit our Delivery page to learn more.
Technical Description
  • Product material: Ash, Oak & Birch
  • Raw material source: Sustainably-managed forests
  • Moisture reduction process used: Kiln-drying
  • Ready to Burn certificate: WS370/00003
  • Product length: 25 centimetres
  • Packaging material: plastic-free cardboard boxes
  • Recycling information: the entirety of the box can be recycled
  • Box length: 391 millimetres
  • Box width: 260 millimetres
  • Box height: 214 millimetres
  • Box volume: 22 litres
  • Box weight: 8-10 kilogrammes.