The Benefits Of Using Lekto Night Briquettes

Thanks to their ultra-long burn time of up to 8 hours and steady heat output, Night Briquettes are the most cost-effective wood briquettes.

They help you reduce your heating expenses by lowering your overall fuel consumption.

Cold weather is approaching, so demand is picking up. Place your order now to avoid stock shortages and delivery delays. 

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Why Choose Night Briquettes?

Long Burning Times: These briquettes are designed to burn long and slow, for up to 8 hours, giving you cosy warmth throughout.

Natural Product: The wood bark for these eco briquettes is harvested from sustainable plantations and no chemical additives are used during processing.

Versatile Uses: You can use briquettes for wood burning stoves, log burners, sheltered fire pits, chiminea, etc. They are the perfect complement to hardwood heat logs and traditional firewood.

Easy to Store: Because each briquette has a consistent shape and size they are easy to stack and store away, even if you space is limited. They are also packaged in small groups so you only need to open what you are going to use.

Reduce Your Firewood Consumption

Switching from traditional firewood to Lekto Night Briquettes is a great way to save space, money, and the environment.

With only two briquettes being enough for a whole night of pleasant warmth in most cases, they can do the job of firewood several times their size.

That means less trips to your wood store. More free space in your room. And fewer trees cut down.

Relight Your Wood Burner Easier

Throw a couple of Night Briquettes into the wood stove and chances are they’ll still be burning by the time you wake up. So you’ll be able to relight your wood burner by simply adding a heat log or some firewood to the stove.

No need to arrange kindling and firelighters in the cold. No need to wait for the fire to catch before adding your main wood fuel. No need to think about the fire at all.

Everything will just work. Just like it should.

Supply Warmth While You’re Working From Home

More and more of us are working from home these days. Constantly having to get up to add more firewood to the burner is not only distracting, it may be impossible. 

Lekto Night Briquettes offer a great solution to this problem. Simply throw them in at the start of the workday and they’ll warm you through its entirety.

Wake Up In a Warm Room

Few things feel as bad as waking up in a chilly room.

You don’t want to get up, because your blanket is the only thing shielding you from the cold. 

And the main thing on your mind isn’t coffee, breakfast, or your loved ones. It’s getting the stove going.

Use Night Briquettes and you’ll improve the quality of your mornings. No 3 AM trips to the wood burner required. 

Usage Instructions

To ensure optimal performance, Lekto products must be stored in a dry place.

1. If you are using the briquettes for wood burners we recommend using 2-3   each time depending on the size of the stove.

2. Place them in a pre-heated stove on dying embers of the fire. We recommend using some firelighters or kindling along with our briquettes. This will ensure they catch fire and begin to work as soon as possible. Many of our customers use heat logs in the evening and, with the dying embers of that fire, place the night briquettes on, so that they recycle those flames throughout the night.

3. Before Night Briquettes are lit, leave the air intake open and, once they are alight, create a minimal airflow into the stove. This will allow a longer burn time, meaning you can sleep easy, knowing your home is safe and sufficiently warm.

4. They can last up to 8 hours, but this is dependent on how many you use at once.

Ready to Burn Certification

Lekto Night Briquettes are certified according to Defra's "Ready to Burn" wood fuel quality standard.

Issued Certificate Number: WS370/00004

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