5 Christmas Fireplace Decor Ideas For Festive Homes In 2021

5 Christmas Fireplace Decor Ideas For Festive Homes In 2021

The only thing more festive than cosying up by a roaring fireplace is cosying up by a roaring fireplace that’s adorned with Christmas joy! Make your fireplace the star of the show this festive season with our top 5 Christmas fireplace decor ideas. From traditional designs to modern inspirations, these are just a few of our favourite fireplace decorating ideas for Christmas 2021:

Keep It Traditional With Stockings

Is there a more Christmassy sight than seeing a roaring fireplace lined with stockings? We certainly don’t think so! Why not keep it traditional this year by making your stockings the star of the show? You may have stockings that you’ve used for years or you may want to invest in some new ones. It always looks chic to use stockings that match the colours and patterns of the Christmas decor scheme in the rest of your home. The safest way to hang stockings from the fireplace is to use stocking hooks that attach easily to the mantel. It’s important to ensure that they’re attached securely so that they don’t fall near the fire and create a hazard. The best part about this Christmas fireplace decor idea is that you can fill the stockings with presents and treats as Christmas comes around!

Add A Festive Hearth Rug

When talking about the best Christmas fireplace decor ideas, it’s not all about the mantelpiece. It’s just as important to think about the area in front of the fireplace as well. With this in mind, another one of our favourite Christmas fireplace decor ideas has to be adding a festive hearth rug to the area in front of your fireplace. It’s easy to find heat-resistant rugs with charming festive designs on them to complete the look of your Christmas fireplace. They also make great gifts for people who own homes with fireplaces. Adding a Christmas hearth rug will make the fireplace look even more cosy and inviting over the festive season. Additionally, if you have pets that love to lounge in front of the fireplace, it’s bound to be a big hit with them too!

 Use Festive Foliage

Evergreen, pine and holly berries are all staples of Christmas decor. That’s why one of our favourite Christmas fireplace decor ideas is using foliage to line the mantelpiece. The easiest way to create this Christmas fireplace decor idea is to use a garland of greenery as a base to line across the mantelpiece. Many garlands already contain the likes of berries, dried oranges and pine cones, however you can always go for a plain garland and add your own accessories to it. Baubles, tinsels and candy canes are great for adding interest and colour to a garland whilst adding an extra hint of Christmas magic! The great thing about this Christmas fireplace decor idea is that you can make it as opulent or as minimalist as you like.

glowing fireplace next to Christmas tree with Lekto wood fuels boxes in front

 Incorporate Candles & Lighting

This Christmas, why not make your fireplace glow even more by incorporating candles or LED lights into your favourite Christmas fireplace decor idea? Real candles provide a delightful way to add light and interest to the mantelpiece, and can also be used to introduce some festive scent to your display. Pillar candles look particularly good when incorporated into a traditional Christmas fireplace decor idea, such as when used alongside a pine garland. That being said, LED candles provide just as good an effect, and can be a safer option if you have children or pets in the house. Don’t forget to decorate the area in front of your fireplace with candles too as this is just as important as the mantelpiece.

 Add The Scent Of Christmas

Any log burner fans will know how comforting the smell of a wood burning fire is. This is particularly true when you’re using Lekto’s Kiln Dried Firewood that burns with a sweet and natural aroma. The only thing that could make this smell any better is to add a few of your favourite festive scents! We’re talking the likes of gingerbread, cinnamon, pine, cloves (the list goes on!). The easiest way to incorporate scent into your Christmas fireplace decor ideas is to use scented candles, however there are plenty of other ways you can do this. For example, you could intertwine scented dried fruit or potpourri into your decor to bring a subtle hint of Christmas that perfectly complements the smell of the roaring fire.

Boxes of Lekto wood fuels next to model snowman in front of Christmas tree

 Are You Stocked Up On Firewood This Christmas?

It’s safe to say that none of these Christmas fireplace decor ideas are complete without creating the best roaring fire. Make sure you’ve got plenty of firewood to keep you going throughout the festive season. Lekto have a range of wood fuels to suit your individual requirements from Sawdust Briquettes, to Hardwood Heat Logs to Kiln Dried Birch and Oak. Why choose Lekto this Christmas? Not only do our wood fuels meet Defra’s Ready To Burn requirements, they are also 100% naturally sourced with an exceptionally low moisture content. This ensures that they burn cleanly, safely, efficiently and with a maximum heat output. Oh, and the best part? We’ll deliver them directly to your door, with free delivery on any order over 75 pounds! Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to hear more about the different wood fuels we have available.