5 Reasons A Swedish Torch Log Is Perfect For Autumn

Top View of A Lekto Wood Fuels Swedish Torch Log

If there is one thing that everyone can look forward to in autumn, it’s sitting round an open flame and taking in everything the cool October climate has to offer. While fire pits and open-top BBQ’s have been the staples of the autumn gatherings, there is a new contender in town, and they are ready to revolutionise the way you enjoy your outdoor activities. Swedish torch logs, a historic Swedish military creation that has come back into the spotlight in recent years, will give you and your loved ones a fantastic way to enjoy these chilly autumnal months. If you're not quite sure how then then let us explain the wonders of these marvelous creations with these five simple reasons why a Swedish torch log is perfect for autumn.

Simplicity in their design

The Swedish torch log is exactly what the name implies, it is a singular log that is cut down its trunk to make four quarters that open up and present the inside of the trunk. At this point, fire kindling is traditionally placed between the quarters and ignited, however, Lekto Swedish torches come with premade burners already inside, which will help you get your torch log burning as quickly as possible.

Once the fire begins to take hold, the flames make a beautiful scene as these logs are burnt from the inside out, making them the ideal centrepiece for a garden chillout, or the communal hub of any campsite. While they’re relatively easy to make with the right tools, they are even easier to buy and are affordable too (especially when you buy 3 at a time). So save yourself some hassle and stock up on some. Once you show your friends, they’ll be dying to get another one lit up!

A long-lasting flame

If you are planning on a long sit out on the patio or have the whole night to spend sat round a campfire, a Swedish torch log is perfect for this exact situation. Due to the way the log burns from the inside and the self-feeding nature of the fire, not only will you not have to tinker with the flame, but these logs will provide you with hours of constant heat, depending on their size, some Swedish Torches can last up to 5 hours! Lekto Wood Fuel Swedish Torches, however, have an approximate burn-time of 3 hours.

Not just a torch

The fact that this tool was created and championed by the Swedish navy should already highlight how versatile the Swedish log torch is, but we’re going to highlight its key uses just in case. Firstly, the most obvious use is already given to us in the name ‘Swedish torch log’ as they are a great source of light for illuminating a campsite or chillout spot.

Additionally, and perhaps more excitingly, the flat top of a Swedish torch log means it can be effectively used as a wonderful outdoor cooking tool. Whether you use it to simply boil some water over the open flame or cook up the most elaborate meal, these logs can accommodate whatever you need from it.

Can be used anywhere

As already stated, the Swedish torch log is great for those crisp nights out on your patio and also make wonderful campfires. Even outside of that, Swedish torch logs can be taken pretty much anywhere they are needed. Due to their compact nature, these logs can be transported with ease, so if you want a little warmth for your autumn picnic, or some light for your evening chillout at the bottom of your garden, just grab one of these logs and take it with you.

Savings for you and the planet

This may be the biggest benefit a Swedish torch log has over your common fire pit or BBQ, and that is that these logs can help you save money while protecting the world around you at the same time. As we all know now, these logs deliver a self-fuelling fire that only needs you to add some kindling at the start to get it going; they pretty much look after themselves after that. This is considerably more cost-effective than a firepit, which needs what seems like an endless stream of wood and/or charcoal to keep going for the same amount of time.

Requiring such a moderate amount of wood for an extended burn time also means the Swedish torch log is more eco-friendly than a lot of other alternatives, especially things like gas and coal BBQs. What’s more, wood is already considered a carbon-neutral fuel and when sustainably sourced, as all Lekto wood fuels are, you won’t have to worry about harming the environment while enjoying the outdoors this autumn.