6 Signs It’s Time To Replace Your Wood Burning Stove

chimney sweep inspecting a wood burning stove

Wood burning stoves are built to last, and with the correct care and maintenance can last for more than 20 years. That being said, of course all good things must come to an end, meaning that at some point it will be time to replace your wood burning stove with a new model.

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If you think that it might be time to replace your wood burning stove then make sure to look out for the following warning signs:


One of the biggest signs that your wood burning stove has seen better days is if there is warping on the stove body. The inside of your wood burning stove should be a smooth, flat surface. If the surface has become warped this is a clear sign that the steel or cast iron has lost its structural integrity. Not only is this a potential safety hazard, it will also make the fire less efficient by influencing the amount of air that makes its way into the stove.


Whilst it’s not unusual to find the odd patch of rust on the stove, if you’re noticing this regularly then it may be time to replace your wood burning stove. Rust forms on metal when exposed to high amounts of moisture and air. This means that if your wood burning stove is starting to rust, it’s likely that there is unwanted moisture that’s getting into the stove by leaking into a stove pipe or broken door or gasket.

Broken Door

All stove doors are fitted with an airtight seal that’s known as a gasket. This is an essential component for minimising the stove’s exposure to air and moisture which can affect the performance and maintenance of the wood burning stove. If the seal is cracking or peeling it’s essential that the gasket is replaced. In some cases you can replace the gasket without fitting a whole new stove, however where this is not possible, it will be important to replace the entire stove.

woman tending to fire in wood burning stove


Another key sign that you need to replace your wood burning stove is if you see cracks starting to appear. Again, cracks show that the structural integrity of the stove has been jeopardised and this is a serious safety hazard. Dangerous fumes may be able to escape out of cracks and they can also present a serious fire hazard for your wood burning stove.

Increased Smoke Levels

If you’ve ensured that you’re cleaning your wood burning stove and getting the chimney swept regularly, but are noticing excessive amounts of smoke being produced, this is a clear sign that your wood burner is no longer fit for use. Excessive smoke can be a sign that the baffle plate or catalytic combustion is damaged and it will also make your fire less efficient, whilst creating a hazard through the build up of creosote.

More Fuel For Less Heat

If you’re using the same amount of wood fuel as normal but noticing that less heat is being produced, this means that your wood burning stove is running less efficiently. The efficiency of your wood burning stove can degrade over time through age and the general wear and tear that comes with that such as leaks and warping. Upgrading to a more efficient, modern wood burning stove will reduce costs.

close up of firewood burning

How Can I Improve The Lifespan Of My Wood Burning Stove?

By maintaining your wood burning stove correctly and burning the right fuel, it will run efficiently for a longer period of time than if you neglect cleaning and burn the wrong types of fuel. It’s essential that you get your chimney swept at least once a year and ensure that you are cleaning your stove regularly. You also need to make sure to burn clean fuel that will not cause dirt and pollution to build up in your stove. Naturally sourced and with a moisture content below 20%, Lekto’s Kiln Dried Firewood, Sawdust Briquettes, Hardwood Heat Logs and Pini Kay Eco Logs burn cleanly and efficiently in wood burning stoves. This makes them the best choice for your home as well as the environment. For guidance on choosing the best wood fuel products for your home, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.