Another 5,000 Trees Planted: One Tree Per Review Update

Another 5,000 Trees Planted: One Tree Per Review Update

It’s reforestation time! As some of you know, Lekto has previously planted 20,000 trees as part of its reforestation efforts. We planted our first batch of 10,000 trees in heavily deforested areas two years ago. Then, we planted another 10,000 trees when we hit 10,000 reviews on our Trustpilot page.

And it was then that we made a promise to plant 5,000 new trees for every 5,000 reviews left on our Trustpilot page. And now is the time to honour that commitment! 

We’ve just reached the milestone of 15,000 reviews, so we’ve once again contacted our partners at Eden Reforestation Projects and gave them the funding necessary to plant 5,000 new trees in some of the world’s most heavily deforested areas.

And we’re not stopping here!

Previous Reforestation Updates:

Combat Deforestation in Just a Few Clicks

We hereby resolve to continue planting one tree per every new review left on our Trustpilot page.

As before, we’ll continue doing so in steps of 5,000 trees/reviews. This means we’ll plant the next batch of 5,000 trees when we hit 20,000 reviews. Once we reach 25,000 reviews, we’ll plant yet another 5,000 trees.

And we’ll continue doing so indefinitely.

Play your part in reducing deforestation by leaving a review on our Trustpilot page. It takes only one minute.

Why Did Lekto Choose Eden Reforestation Projects?

Eden Reforestation is a trusted, time-tested non-profit NGO that helps rebuild natural landscapes destroyed by deforestation in parts of the world that are affected by it most. They are also notable for providing valuable work opportunities to the poorest of the poor, thus helping reduce extreme poverty in the third world.

Combatting Repeat Deforestation

Another thing that helps Eden stand out is their commitment to making sure that the trees they plant remain in the ground and aren’t cut down once again. Re-deforestation is a serious concern and it’s great to see the lengths to which Eden goes to make sure it doesn’t happen.

Areas Served by Eden Reforestation

The company focuses on the most heavily deforested areas of the world, areas whose landscapes have been heavily damaged by tree-cutting activities.

Countries served by Eden include Ethiopia, Haiti, Madagascar, Nepal, Kenya, Indonesia, Mozambique, as well as many countries in Central America. The exact area served varies from month to month, with Eden focusing on doing the most good with funds given to it by corporate partners like Lekto.

As the protection of the planet and the alleviation of human suffering are important to us at Lekto, we couldn’t have wished for a better partner for our reforestation alternative.

Leave a review on our Trustpilot page today to plant a tree.

Who Is Lekto Woodfuels?

Lekto Woodfuels is the UK’s leading supplier of premium wood fuels. All of our products are made from sustainably-sourced wood materials and dried to extra low moisture, which helps them burn as cleanly and efficiently as possible.

All of Lekto’s briquette products are made from recycled sawmill byproducts (including sawdust and bark), which means no trees are cut to manufacture them.