Converting Reviews Into Forests: Contribute to Reforestation with Just a Few Clicks (Updated Feb 2023)

Converting Reviews Into Forests: Contribute to Reforestation with Just a Few Clicks (Updated Feb 2023)

Updated (February 17, 2023): Lekto has just reached 15,000 reviews on Trustpilot. As promised, we planted another 5,000 trees in cooperation with Eden Reforestation Projects. Read our dedicated blog post about this.

Our next target is 20,000 reviews.

Sustainability has always been Lekto’s biggest value

All of our products are made from sustainably sourced wood. Every wood fuel we produce is dried to ultra-low moisture levels to reduce smoke pollution. We’re actively seeking ways to reduce waste by creating innovative wood fuels from traditionally discarded sawmill byproducts. And we are constantly reworking our packaging to make it as eco-friendly as possible.

But you can’t save the planet by simply reducing waste. To help the planet heal, you need to reverse the damage that has already been done.

At Lekto, we do this through our reforestation initiative.

Earlier this year, we partnered up with Eden Reforestation Projects to plant 10,000 trees, lower our carbon footprint, and provide valuable work opportunities to the poorest of the poor.

And we’re just getting started.

Starting today, Lekto will plant a tree for every review left on its TrustPilot page.

We already planted a second batch of 10,000 trees in advance of reaching 10,000 reviews.

And from here on onwards we pledge to plant a batch of 5,000 trees for every 5,000 reviews we get. We've already hit the 15,000 milestone on February 17, 2023 and we'll planted 5,000 trees to celebrate it. We'll plant another 5,000 at 20,000 reviews. Another 5,000 at 25,000 reviews. Ad infinitum.

Review Lekto Woodfuels right now to plant a tree and combat deforestation (it only takes a minute)! 

A tree shoot in the middle of a field.


Leave a TrustPilot review to aid our reforestation effort.

Match Made in Heaven: Lekto & Eden Reforestation Projects

Birds of a feather flock together.

Eden Reforestation Projects is an amazing non-profit organization that seeks to help the environment and alleviate human suffering while doing so. We couldn’t have wished for a better partner for our environmental responsibility initiative.

Helping Nature Reclaim What’s Hers

Eden’s large-scale reforestation projects are laser-focused on areas that have suffered the most from rapid deforestation.

In addition to raising global pollution levels, this loss of forest land is highly detrimental to the safety and wellbeing of the impoverished communities that live there.

As fewer and fewer forest land remains, these people have to face such additional hardships as flooding, erosion, and desertification.

With the help of partners like Lekto, Eden helps turn these barren lands back into green forests. Every year, Eden plants millions of trees. And now you can play your part in this effort by donating a few seconds of your time.

Preventing Repeat Deforestation

What makes Eden special (and one of the main reasons we partnered with them) is that they are truly committed to their cause. They spare no expense to make sure that the areas they plant trees in do not suffer from repeat deforestation.

It would be cheap and easy for an organization to virtue signal by planting the trees and then simply abandon the new forest to the same fate as its predecessor.

Eden doesn’t do that. They not only plant trees. They also invest time and money into protecting the newly-grown forest from being cut down.


Screenshot of the official TrustPilot page of Lekto Woodfuels.


Providing Work for the Poorest of the Poor

Eden Reforestation Projects calls its employment methodology “Employ to Plant”.

They employ the poorest of the poor to plant, grow, and safeguard native trees in heavily deforested areas.

In doing so, the organization provides incredibly valuable work opportunities to poverty-stricken populations. 

Needless to say, this has an astonishingly positive socio-economic impact on the workers employed, their families, and the community as a whole.

How to Play Your Part in the Reforestation Effort

The easiest way for you to play a role in the reforestation effort is to review Lekto Woodfuels on TrustPilot.

For every review our customers leave, we will plant a tree in partnership with Eden Reforestation Projects.

We already planted 10,000 trees in advance of reaching 10,000 reviews.

And from here on out, we’ll plant one tree for every new review.

The trees will be planted in batches of 5,000. And we will chronicle our reforestation initiative via this blog.


Yours sustainably,

Team Lekto