Cherry Logs & Firewood: All You Need to Know About Burning Cherry

Cherry Logs & Firewood: All You Need to Know About Burning Cherry

Cherry wood can be used to make high-quality furniture, floors, musical instruments, and even boat interiors. But did you know that it can also be used as firewood to heat your home or cook your family’s meals?

Wild cherry trees are native to the UK, you may already have some degree of access to them and may be wondering whether they can make decent firewood for the winter. The answer is yes, but there are some caveats, which we will discuss later on.

If you don’t have the ability to harvest and dry your own cherry wood, we recommend buying higher-quality oak and birch logs instead. But if you do, continue reading this article and we will tell you exactly how good cherry wood is.

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What is Cherry Wood Firewood?

Cherrywood is the word used to describe any wood that comes from one of the trees producing cherries. It is a hardwood tree species, which means that, if dried well enough, it can make for firewood that burns for a long time and at a high temperature.

As cherries come from a wide variety of trees, they can also come in a wide variety of colours, such as white, brown, red, or yellow. Darker cherry wood is considered more luxurious and is usually used for premium furniture, whereas cheaper cherrywood can be used for firewood.

What Type of Wood is Cherry?

Cherrywood is a hardwood tree species, which means that, if dried correctly, it can make for good firewood. It also makes for good furniture.

What is Cherry Wood Used For?

Cherry wood is a quality wood that can be used for many things, from making furniture, flooring, doors, and as high-quality firewood.

How Cherry Vs Other Firewood Trees

Cherry is a good type of wood for burning in a log burner or an open fire, although it doesn’t produce as much heat as oak or beech. On the other hand, due to its reduced sap content, cherry logs burn longer than most other wood fuels.

If you can get them for free and season them yourself, they can make for a decent economy option. If you have to buy them, we recommend taking a look at high-quality kiln-dried oak or birch logs instead.

Cherry Firewood BTU Heat Output

On average, cherry firewood outputs around 20 million BTUs of heat per cord.

Does Cherry Firewood Smoke When Burned?

When compared to other hardwoods, cherry wood produces an above-average amount of smoke. This means it is not perfect for people preferring clean-burning fuels, who are better served by birch or oak firewood.

Does Cherry Wood Smell When Burned?

 Cherry smoke produces a distinct aroma, which some people like and others don’t. If you think of burning cherry firewood in the winter, it is best to get a test sample first to see how members of your family respond to the smell.

Does Cherry Wood Spark When Burned?

Yes, cherry firewood sparks when it is burned. If you need a wood fuel that does not spark, it is best to use a wood briquette fuel like Pini Kay Eco Logs.

How Long to Season Cherry Wood

Due to its high sap content, cherry tends to be very slow to season. So how long does cherry wood take to dry cherry wood? On average, you should expect to wait at least 12 to 18 months before it can be safely used. In an industrial kiln-drier, this process can be sped up to take no longer than 7 days.

How Well Does Cherry Wood Burn?

Cherry makes better firewood than most softwood trees, such as spruce or pine, but worse than most other hardwood trees, such as birch or oak.