London Firewood Logs: Where to Buy Firewood in London?

London Firewood Logs: Where to Buy Firewood in London?

Living in London has lots of advantages. There are tons of things to do in London as you get to enjoy the world’s finest art, culture, and dining. The job market is chock full of lucrative work opportunities. And there are tons of beautiful green spaces for you to explore.

But if you’re planning on heating your home with firewood this year, then you probably already know that finding good logs and briquettes in Britain’s capital is rather challenging. While people in less populated areas of the country can turn to local forestries and sawmills, people in London simply don’t have that luxury.

But fear not.

In this article, our team of wood fuel experts with decades of collective experience will tell you everything you need to know about buying logs in London. We’ll discuss the many kinds of logs for sale in London, online briquette and firewood delivery, as well as your other options for purchasing wood heat.

Let’s begin!

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Firewood Delivery London: Why Is it the Most Popular Choice?

According to industry data, the vast majority of London households choose firewood delivery over other methods of acquiring wood fuels. There is a clear reason for this. In most other parts of the UK, people can buy their firewood from local sawmills or forestries and drive it home themselves. If this option is unavailable nearby, they either buy it online or resort to sourcing it from their local supermarket (read our article about supermarket logs).

But this isn’t practical for us Londoners. There are no locally-produced logs for sale in London, and everything that is available for sale locally is either overpriced or of very low quality. You need to drive several hours just to get to a sawmill. And even if you’re ready to do this, you’d have to repeat this trip frequently, since most people in London don’t have access to a dedicated wood store or shed.

Firewood delivery solves all of these problems simultaneously.

Pros of Firewood Delivery in London

Listed below are the main reasons why Londoners choose firewood and briquette delivery over any other method of procuring wood fuels:

  1. Access to the highest quality firewood. Most of the logs sold in London are of subpar quality and are sold at very high prices. Firewood delivery allows you access to the highest quality wood fuels in the UK at the lowest prices.
  2. No minimum order requirements. With storage space being at a premium, the ability to purchase in small quantities is another great pro of using firewood delivery in London. What’s more, large suppliers like Lekto offer 100% free shipping to London on all orders over £75.
  3. The widest selection of wood fuels. Using firewood delivery grants Londoners a much wider selection of wood fuel products than you can find locally. Choose kiln-dried oak and birch logs, Sawdust Briquettes, Fire Logs, Night Briquettes, Hardwood Heat Logs, Softwood Nestro Logs, kiln-dried kindling, Natural Firelighters, or any other wood fuel you desire.
  4. Ability to try various different wood fuels. While firewood remains incredibly popular, more and more Londoners are switching to wood briquettes. But how can you know which type of briquette is right for you? Enter value bundles. Consisting of a pre-determined mix of firewood and briquettes and a special discount, value bundles are a perfect way to discover everything the wood fuel world has to offer.

Local Firewood in London: How to Choose the Best Logs

Dead set against London firewood delivery? Here are our wood fuel experts’ top tips for choosing the best logs in London:

  1. Look for Ready to Burn certification. In order to to be sold legally in the UK, all firewood products need to have valid Ready to Burn certification. Ready to Burn is Defra’s firewood quality assurance scheme. If the logs you are buying aren’t certified, they aren’t a good (or even legal) buy. Regardless of the price.
  2. Know your firewood basics. Not all logs are created equal. Did you know that kiln-dried firewood is always better than seasoned logs? Or that softwood logs need to be avoided at all costs, while softwood briquettes are a good buy? Check out our Wood Fuel 101 to understand what you’re buying.
  3. Know your supplier. When it comes to wood fuel, you’re buying your seller as much as you’re buying the product. So make sure you are dealing with a reputable company. For example, Lekto is the UK’s most trusted wood fuel supplier, which can be proven by over 12,000 positive Trustpilot reviews.
  4. Ask for delivery terms. Once you decide on what firewood to buy and who to buy it from, you’ll need to have it delivered to your home. Will you take it home yourself? Or do you need it delivered? Will you have to pay for delivery? And is there a minimum order amount? Get these answers before opening your wallet.
  5. Make sure to shop around. Lastly, before you commit hundreds of pounds, compare what you are getting with what is available via online firewood delivery. In 9 cases out of 10, you’ll be better off with firewood delivery in London.


Should I Buy Supermarket Logs in London?

No, unless you absolutely can’t wait for delivery, it isn’t worth it to purchase logs from Aldi, LIDL, TESCO, or any other supermarket chain. While the products these retail giants sell are always Ready to Burn-certified, they are often of subpar quality when compared to what is offered by dedicated log suppliers and delivery services.

To learn more, read our dedicated article about the best supermarket logs in the UK.

Kiln Dried Logs London Delivery Options

If you’re searching for quality hardwood kiln-dried logs in London, then you have two good options to choose from. Kiln-dried birch logs are inexpensive, easy to light, give off an ample amount of heat, and burn with beautiful flames. And kiln-dried oak logs are a premium option prized for their long burn time, high heat output, and the fact that they’re the only type of firewood used in authentic Italian pizzerias.

Where to Buy Firewood in London?

As we discussed in this article, firewood delivery is the best way of buying logs in London. There are many suppliers that target Londoners specifically, and there are national suppliers like Lekto who sell wood fuels all over the UK. What’s most important is that you choose a trusted brand you can trust. So do your due diligence before paying a single pound.

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