Great Fireplace Decorations For Autumn And Winter

Great Fireplace Decorations For Autumn And Winter

This time of year comes with a stronger desire to stay indoors more nights.

So, while you may have been chilly while out and about during the day – at work, in the car, at the shops – there’s no need to feel the cold in front of your own fireplace.

And, as the hearth comes alive with the fire of Lekto night briquettes or heat logs, the rest of your fireplace (mantelpiece and chimney breast included) can look its finest as Autumn and then, Winter, really comes into their own.

So, here are our top fireplace decorating ideas for Autumn, including an idea on how to decorate your fireplace for Halloween...


1. Flowers

By adorning your mantelpiece with items such as vases with Autumn flowers inside (Nerines, Dahlias and Begonias, for instance) or perhaps framed flower presses, you can really capture the atmosphere this time of year has come to represent.


2. Accessories

The lovely thing about any fireplace is that, as well as it being functional, it can also be incredibly decorative. This also goes for the accessories that can accompany it, such as tall vases and baskets used to contain hardwood logs or night briquettes.

As accessories can be easily interchangeable, they can be neutral, meaning they will blend into any fireplace décor with minimal fuss.

Well-chosen items, such as scented candles and family photos can really add something to both traditional and modern fireplace mantels.


3. Colour scheme

While it may be tempting to reach straight for the orange and brown to match the colour of the falling leaves in the world outside, a more unconventional option would be select knick-knacks, accessories, pictures and maybe even paint that feature a warm purple or more of a maroon or magenta tone.

Perhaps you want to really strike out against the traditional autumn colour palette and use bright blue or summery yellows.


4. Tiles and hearth

If you want a slightly bigger task, decorating your fireplace hearth allows you to really alter the whole look of your living space and, potentially, your home.

This may take a little more consideration, as re-tiling your hearth will last longer than placing accessories on your mantelpiece, so we strongly suggest you take the time to think about what colours you would like to use.


5. How to decorate your fireplace for Halloween

If you’re hosting a children’s Halloween party or having a more alcohol-fueled affair, decorating your fireplace for 31st October is easy and fun.

Pumpkins can replace ornaments atop the mantelpiece and jars or vases with spooky lights and candles inside can be used to create a truly eerie effect. You could even drape them around your briquette’s basket.

Bunting and garlands (in black and orange) will also make for creepy fireplace decorations, as well as, perhaps, some fake spider-webs to really set your visitors on edge during Halloween 2019.


As we approach the end of the year and Autumn turns into Winter, we have provided you with some winter fireplace ideas, as well as ideas on how to decorate your fireplace for Christmas...  


1. Flowers

By changing your Autumn vases and bowls for those of a more wintery colour (we’ll get onto that in a moment), you can also exchange the flowers from one season for flowers from another, such as Snowdrops, Hyacinths and Heather. Bring natural and engaging scents indoors by decorating your fire an array of these examples.


2. Accessories

Entering December, we’re pretty sure you have a loft-full of Christmas decorations you can place on your mantelpiece, hearth or fireplace surround. Whether they are heirlooms, homemade decorations from the children in your family or recently bought Christmas mantel ideas, your living room will surely look like a winter wonderland as soon as 1st December arrives.


3. Colour scheme

Traditionally, icy blues and whites are used a lot during Winter, but as well as a terrifically engaging fire, you can keep warm by using berry red and forest green in your fireplace decorations. These can include photo frames for your fireplace pictures, a single (but effective ribbon) for that neutral firewood basket mentioned previously or even a brand new colour for your chimney breast or alcove.


4. Tiles and hearth

Even though this may seem like a big job to undertake, focusing on your tiles or adding a new dimension to your hearth fireplace does not have to be arduous, especially as we approach Christmas.

There’s nothing wrong with hanging a pair of Santa legs down to make it seem as if everyone’s favourite gift-giver is already here.


5. How to decorate your fireplace for Christmas              

If you’re not a fan of the dangly Santa legs idea and would prefer a more traditional Christmas look for your fireplace, you can always hang stockings, lights, fake tree garlands from your mantel. Furthermore, there is always the option of scented candles being placed atop it and for wreaths to be hung from the centre of the chimney breast.


Here at Lekto, we can only suggest ideas for how you decorate your fireplace, but we do know that, with our products, keeping warm this Autumn and Winter will be one less thing to worry about.

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