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There’s something about autumn that cries out for urban legends and spooky tales to be shared during the atmospheric evenings of the season.

So, whether it’s because Halloween is on its way or the gorgeous pinks and oranges of an October sky bring out the storyteller in you, it’s impossible to resist placing a few heat logs in the wood-burning stove and sharing some scary stories with your loved ones.

Here are a few tales to enjoy around the fireplace…

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With the turn of the year comes a stronger desire to stay indoors more nights.

So, while you may have been chilly while out and about during the day – at work, in the car, at the shops – there’s no need to feel the cold in front of your own fireplace.

And, as the hearth comes alive with the fire of Lekto night briquettes or heat logs, the rest of your fireplace (mantelpiece and chimney breast included) can look its finest as Autumn and then, Winter, really comes into their own.

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