How Do You Clean The Glass On A Log Burner?

How Do You Clean The Glass On A Log Burner?

 ‘How Do You Clean The Glass On A Log Burner?’ is one of the most frequently asked questions we get at Lekto Wood Fuels, so we thought we’d put all our tips, tricks, and advice on the matter in one place.

Picture this. It’s winter and you have been using your wood-burning stove for some time now. It’s keeping you and your loved ones warm, but it’s losing its shine. You just made yourself a lovely hot drink to enjoy by the fire, but you no longer can see the flames. 

We are here to help you with a step-by-step guide on how to clean your log burner glass and, to give you a pat on the back once you’re done, we’re also going to point you in the direction of some ‘Classic Winter Warmers To Help Keep You Warm Over Winter’ and ‘Warming Cocktails & Winter Drinks To Enjoy Next To The Fire’. Can’t ask for much more than that now, can we?

Why Is Your Log Burner Glass Dirty?

Firstly, let’s take a quick look at what’s causing your log burner glass to become dirty. It’s quite simple, really. It’s the fuel you put in. Are you burning wet wood or poor quality briquettes? Or perhaps you are still trial and testing your wood burner’s efficiency, hence burning your wood fuels inefficiently. The combination of those things will cause more smoke which will inevitably dirty your log burner glass. 

How To Prevent Log Burner Glass From Getting Dirty?

Always use dry wood or wood fuels. Make sure you check that your wood fuels contain only wood fuel and nothing else. Avoid wet or unseasoned wood and wood fuels which contain added chemicals or binding materials. Lekto Woodfuels are 100% natural. Sawdust Briquettes and Hardwood Heat Logs are made using high-pressure machinery to press them into the log’s shape. They are also extra dry with a moisture content below 9% and a high heat output. If you are still unsure if your wood fuels are efficient and burn with a high heat output, use a stove thermometer to ensure you are burning at the most efficient temperature. 

That said, even if you only use the driest wood fuels available, you’d still expect some build-up over time. This is totally ok and completely expected, but it can happen quite quickly if your wood fuels touch the glass, for instance, as this will leave a mark. Preventing this is easy, however, as all you have to do is try building your fire toward the back the stove. As you clean your house daily, weekly and monthly, don’t forget to include your wood-burning stove in your cleaning routine. This might seem like an unnecessary hassle but with our step-by-step method of cleaning log burner glass, you’ll find that it’s a straightforward and super-quick process that ought to take you no more than five minutes once you’re on top of it.


What Do You Need To Clean The Glass On A Log Burner?

There is no need to go to a shop and spend money on fancy magical stain removers; everything you need is already in your home. Few sheets of Kitchen Paper, water and the ash from your wood burner. Yes, just that. At Lekto Woodfuels, we believe in being 100% natural even when cleaning. 

How To Clean Log Burner Glass Step-By-Step:

Firstly, make sure your wood-burning stove has cooled down. Take a sheet of your kitchen towel and slightly damp it with water. Go over your log burner glass and remove the bigger particles stuck to it. Now dip the same wet kitchen towel in a little bit of ash and go over the glass once more in circulation motion. Finally, wipe off the dirt with a clean towel and simply repeat if needed. 

Disclaimer. Please do not use ash from coal as it can scrape the glass. Only use the fine particles of ash that come from burning extra dry wood fuels like wood briquettes and Pini Kay Eco Logs

Hopefully, you’ll never have to wonder ‘How Do You Clean The Glass On A Log Burner?’ ever again after reading this, but if you do then, you know where we are. 

6 Top Tips For Cleaning The Glass On A Log Burner

  • Use extra dry wood fuels 
  • Burn only 100% natural products (no chemicals or added glue)
  • Wipe the log burner glass 2-3 times a week (make sure it’s cold before touching it)
  • Burn wood fuels at the right temperate 
  • Build your fire toward the back of your stove
  • Don’t let the fuel touch the glass

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