How To Store Firewood Outdoors & Keep It Dry

How To Store Firewood Outdoors & Keep It Dry

As we approach the end of summer and take advantage of the seasonal low prices for all our winter firewood essentials, some of us might start to worry about our home’s storage space — and for good reason.

Whether you’ve been stocking up on your favourite wood fuels since the start of summer or you’ve just started to plan your firewood shopping for the colder months ahead, knowing how to store firewood properly, both indoors and outdoors, is essential for maintaining your log’s quality when you’re not using them.

On top of that, knowing how to store your firewood supply right will guarantee your log burner firewood will remain safe to burn and dry through and through!

So, how can you make sure you’re storing your firewood outdoors in the best and safest way?

Keep reading to learn how to store firewood outdoors and keep it dry through every weather change with the help of a few storage tips and brand-new appliances!

Our Top 3 Outdoor Firewood Storage Tips

The first thing you should do when learning how to store firewood outdoors and keep it dry is to identify the perfect place for stacking your log burner wood.

While some people do enjoy the convenience of having their wood fuel products stored neatly beside their fireplace, storing more than just a few decorative logs inside your home is generally not recommended unless you have a dedicated room.

The main reason why storing your firewood outdoors is considered the best course of action is because logs need plenty of ventilation in order to maintain their quality and dryness.

Keeping them outside allows you to use natural airflow to your advantage, on top of making sure no bugs get lured into your home following your stack!

With that said, what other key steps should you implement to preserve the quality of your logs?

Here’s how to store firewood outdoors and keep it dry waiting for the colder months:

1. Choose a breezy spot

Storing your firewood in any available outdoor spot won’t do: You’ll have to find the perfect place for allowing plenty of airflow through.

As a general rule of thumb, you should pick the breeziest and driest spot in your garden, making sure to avoid placing your wood right next to your house’s entrance (it’s always a potential fire hazard!) or fully stacked next to a structure. Whatever spot you choose, you’ll have to make sure there’s airflow going both ways, so try placing your stack at least a few inches off the structure it’s leaning against to ensure proper ventilation in the back.

While you’ll want your storage spot to be somewhat sheltered, you should also avoid placing your stack under trees or in low-lying areas, as you need to avoid mist and humidity as much as possible!

2. Stack it right

Second, you’ll want to stack your logs quite neatly, as the tighter the stacking, the more chance you’ll only get the very top of your stack wet if it rains!

To get that perfect stack, you’ll want to create rows no more than four feet high, using wooden pallets and/or a moderately tall outdoor firewood rack to keep them off the ground. When considering how to store firewood outdoors, always keep in mind that seasoned logs are best stored bark-side up to naturally protect the wood from rain and wind, no matter the type of outdoor firewood stand or pallet you’re using.

Whatever rack you choose to keep your wood stacked neatly, just don’t leave your precious logs in a messy heap — they’ll get wet in no time!

3. Invest In A Protective Rack

Finally, you’ll want to add in a little bit of extra protection to make sure your logs are kept dry and shielded from elements through the worst of the weather.

The best way to do that is to invest in an outdoor fire rack with a cover or a wooden log store, rather than settling on a wooden pallet or a small outdoor firewood rack with no overhead cover. These storage racks should still be open at the sides or at the front to allow airflow in, and they should not be taller than four feet to keep the logs from falling over.

You can now also find more modern metal log stores fitted with vents, making for a perfect choice if you’re looking for extra protection from water and fire.

Easy-To-Store Logs For Wood Burner Enthusiasts

Now that you know how to store firewood outdoors no matter how much rain and wind we’ll get in the upcoming season, why not take your firewood shopping to the next level and stock up on the best wood fuel products, for the lowest price on the market?

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