White Horse Energy vs Lekto Woodfuels: What’s the Right Choice for Winter Heating?

White Horse Energy vs Lekto Woodfuels: What’s the Right Choice for Winter Heating?

As winter approaches, households all over the UK are preparing for the upcoming heating season. One of the key decisions they must make is choosing the best wood fuels to make their winter heating as efficient as possible.

In this article, we place two prominent brands head-to-head: Lekto Woodfuels and White Horse Energy.

  • Lekto Woodfuels prides itself on offering amazing value to its customers, selling premium logs and briquettes at mass-market prices.
  • White Horse Energy operates at the low end of the UK wood fuel market, offering logs, pellets, and briquettes at lower prices.

Let's discover which wood fuel supplier will emerge as the champion of winter heating!

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Why Does Wood Fuel Quality Matter?

We get this question all the time: Aren't all firewood logs and wood briquettes the same? The answer is a most resounding no.

Quality matters, especially when we talk about something as important as your household’s winter heating. Top-notch wood fuels are easy to light, burn cleanly and efficiently, and have a lower environmental footprint. One factor to particularly note is moisture content (discover why). Lower moisture content translates to higher burning temperatures, higher heating efficiency, and slowed creosote buildup.

That last point is particularly important for households that want to keep their log burners in good shape without having to call a chimney sweep twice a year. So it’s a win-win for consumers.

White Horse Energy vs Lekto: Comparison Table


White Horse Energy

Lekto Woodfuels










Trustpilot Rating

3.5 stars

4.6 stars

Briquette Selection



Log Selection



Pellet Selection



UK-Wide Delivery?


Yes, free delivery over £75

Diving Deep Into Lekto Woodfuels

Product Showcase

  • Night Briquettes: By far the UK's longest-burning briquettes, Night Briquettes offer up to 8 hours of reliable heat output. That's four times more than conventional logs or RUF briquettes! Crafted from all-natural softwood bark, they're perfect for lowering your heating costs by lowering your overall wood fuel consumption.
  • Hardwood Heat Logs: As the UK’s hottest-burning briquette fuel, these logs can heat up any room in just 5 minutes. Their unique design minimises waste, as they can be broken by hand to portion as needed.
  • Sawdust Briquettes: A traditional wood briquette fuel made using the RUF technique. Perfect for beginners.
  • Pini Kay Eco Logs: A premium briquette fuel admired for its premium, no-rolling, no-expand burn.
  • Universal Fire Logs: Combine the long-burning properties of Night Briquettes and the hot-burning properties of Hardwood Heat Logs. Burn for 4 hours and give off a lot of heat.
  • Kiln-Dried Logs: Available in ash, oak, and birch varieties, Lekto’s kiln-dried logs are the UK’s highest-quality firewood product. Dried to extra low moisture. Delivered in durable, stackable, 100% plastic-free packaging.

Lekto’s Unique Selling Propositions

From sustainability to stellar customer support, Lekto Woodfuels stands out in numerous ways. They offer:

  • Premium quality thanks to exceptionally low moisture content.
  • Eco-friendly packaging and sustainably sourced wood fuels.
  • Attractive pricing models, including value bundles, monthly offers, and a loyalty rewards scheme.
  • Over 18,000 glowing TrustPilot reviews, a remarkable 4.6-star average rating.

Zooming into White Horse Energy

Product Overview

  • Wood Pellets: Packaged in plastic, wood pellets are White Horse Energy’s bread and butter product. It is offered in three flavours: the cheapest are Firepower Wood Pellets, Flame Plus Wood Pellets are made from guest biomass, and Platinum Plus Pellets are the premium option, boasting lower dust content than the other options.
  • Firewood: White Horse Energy sells ash, oak, and birch logs in either standard or Ecoblaze varieties. The Ecoblaze options arrive in eco-friendly sacks.
  • Briquettes: White Horse Energy offers a diverse range of briquettes, including Nestro Heat Logs and Ecoblaze RUF Fire Blocks, among others. While not as exciting as Lekto’s offerings, these briquettes will do the job in a pinch.

Key Highlights

While their products won’t have you screaming with excitement, there’s still a reason why White Horse Energy is as popular as they are. What’s the reason? A lower price point. Thanks to government regulations, all logs sold in the UK are "Ready to Burn" certified, which means that nothing you buy can be unusably horrible. So many UK households are deciding to save a few pounds by skimping on quality.

This being said, they fall short in providing information on their sourcing and sustainability practices—a vital aspect for environmentally-conscious consumers.

White Horse Energy Customer Reviews

Customer feedback on White Horse Energy's Trustpilot page paints a mixed picture. As of October 2023, the company has a 3.5-star rating. The company receives praise for their low prices but is criticized for its product quality, packaging, delivery, and customer service.

Direct Comparison: Lekto Woodfuels vs. White Horse Energy

  • Lowest Price vs. Best Value. White Horse Energy boasts lower prices, whereas Lekto offers premium wood fuels at competitive prices. It's the difference between paying less upfront or saving in the long run.
  • Product Quality. Lekto’s offerings promise enhanced burning efficiency, contrasting with some White Horse Energy products that users found to smoke and smoulder when used.
  • Customer Service. Lekto's customer-centric approach stands out, especially when juxtaposed with some of the challenges faced by White Horse Energy customers.
  • Sustainability. Lekto's transparent commitment to eco-friendliness and sustainability is commendable, especially in the face of missing information from White Horse Energy.

Making the Right Choice for UK Households

Choosing between Lekto Woodfuels and White Horse Energy comes down to priorities. For those who value quality, efficiency, sustainability, and customer experience, Lekto offers a compelling case.

Cost-effective heating, premium quality, and sustainability. As UK households weigh these factors, Lekto Woodfuels presents itself as a holistic choice. Opting for a brand that prioritises both product excellence and environmental responsibility can bring long-term benefits, both to the consumer and our planet.

Experience the Lekto Difference

Ready to discover a whole new level of wood fuel quality? Discover Lekto Woodfuels today!