Best Supermarket Logs: Asda, ALDI, Tesco, LIDL, Sainsbury's (Updated 2023)

Best Supermarket Logs: Asda, ALDI, Tesco, LIDL, Sainsbury's (Updated 2023)

With more and more people switching to inexpensive wood heating this year, many UK customers are wondering where to buy logs and briquettes for their stoves. Should you purchase them from a specialised wood fuel supplier, a local sawmill, or the nearest supermarket?

The last option is particularly interesting. Supermarkets don’t specialise in logs and briquettes, so their quality depends solely on their supply partners. Some of us have also had pleasant experiences with supermarket logs, and many others have had bad experiences.

To help you make the right choice, we’ll compare supermarket logs from Asda, Aldi, Tesco, LIDL, and Sainsbury's. We’ll compare the logs from these supermarkets based on three criteria: quality, selection, and price.

At the end of the article, we’ll tell you which supermarket chain sells the best logs, which chain has the widest product selection, and which chain offers the best prices.

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Why Would I Buy Logs From Asda, ALDI, or Tesco?

The main benefit you get from buying logs and briquettes from a nationwide supermarket chain is convenience and availability. Going to your local supermarket is a lot easier than finding a local wood fuel supplier near you. And you’re working with a known brand, so there’s less that can wrong with the transaction.

Supermarket Logs vs Logs From National Suppliers

This being said, most seasoned wood fuel users will agree that the best way to stock up on wood fuels is by purchasing them from a trusted supplier that specialises in wood fuels. Here are the main advantages of buying from a specialised supplier:

  • Larger product selection. A large supplier specialising in wood fuel will generally have a larger product selection. This gives you the convenience to purchase all of the firewood, wood briquettes, fire starting materials, and kindling you’ll need for the heating season in one place.
  • Higher product quality. Unlike supermarkets,  which sell a little bit of everything, dedicated wood fuel suppliers build their entire reputation on the quality of their firewood and briquettes, so you can expect a higher quality product when purchasing from a well-known supplier.
  • Ability to save by buying in bulk. One of the great things about buying from a national supplier is the ability to save by ordering in bulk. When purchasing a pallet of briquettes, you can expect to pay half of what you’d pay when buying a single pack.
  • Free UK delivery. If you live far away from a supermarket that sells firewood, you may find it difficult to stock up for the winter. Most large online wood fuel suppliers offer free UK delivery on orders over £75.
  • Knowledgeable customer support. Wood fuel suppliers specialise in what they sell, so their customer support staff will be more than happy to give you expert feedback.

With this out of the way, let’s see which supermarket sells the best logs in the UK.

Are Asda Logs Any Good?

Asda sells a respectable selection of kiln-dried logs, sawdust briquettes, and wood kindling. The supermarket sources its products from such suppliers as Homefire (CPL Industries), Big K, and Fuelsell. Their logs and briquettes are certified according to Defra’s Ready to Burn standard, which means they are safe to use in log burners and multi-fuel stoves. According to online reviews, Asda customers are generally satisfied with the quality they get for their money.

Are Tesco Logs Any Good?

Like many other supermarkets, Tesco sells logs and briquettes produced by CPL Industries. CPL is a wholesale producer who also supplies wood fuels to Asda, B&Q, Morrisons, and Sainsbury’s.

Tesco Logs Review

Tesco’s CPL kiln-dried logs have a customer rating of 2.8 stars. Customer reviews frequently mention that the logs are wet and sometimes even mouldy. If this is true, it is unacceptable for a wood fuel as wet wood smokes and produces dozens of toxic compounds (such as creosote) when burned. Their Fuel Express Heat Logs, on the other hand, have an average rating of 4.3 stars. However, they were not available for purchase at the moment of writing.

Are ALDI Logs Any Good?

At the time this article was written, ALDI didn’t have any logs or briquettes in stock. In the past, they have sold firewood and heat logs from their Winter Flame brand. We have no information on whether they will continue selling wood fuels in the future.

Are Sainsbury's Logs Any Good?

Sainsbury’s sells Instant Firelogs from Rectella International and Tiger Tim Firelogs from Tiger Tim Products. Both products are highly rated by customers, have Ready to Burn certification, and are of high quality. The only problem is the high price. At the time of writing, they cost between £3.00 and £3.50 per log. In comparison, Lekto’s Pini Kay Eco Logs, a nearly identical product, cost just a little over £1 per log (£24.95 per pack of 24).

Are LIDL Logs Any Good?

LIDL Great Britain used to sell Heat Logs in the past, but they currently don’t sell any wood fuel products. This is likely caused by the recent supply draught in the UK wood fuel industry.

Which UK Supermarket Has the Best Logs?

Judging by quality alone, Sainsbury’s is the UK supermarket chain with the best logs. Their Instant Firelogs and Tiger Tim Firelogs are high-quality products that will grace any wood stove. The only con is their price, with them costing 3 times as much as Pini Kay Eco Logs purchased from a specialised wood fuel supplier.

Which Supermarket Has the Widest Log Selection?

Asda has the best log selection of all UK supermarkets. They offer a nice selection of firewood, briquettes, and kindling from several producers.  

Which Supermarket Has the Cheapest Logs?

On average, we’ve found Tesco’s firewood to be cheaper per kilogramme than what you find in Sainsbury’s and Asda.