The UK’s Best Firewood Delivery Service

The UK’s Best Firewood Delivery Service

Keep yourself and your loved ones warm during the winter with the best firewood delivery service available in the UK. Enjoy the widest selection of high-quality logs, briquettes, and fire accessories and have them delivered to your doorstep quickly and, in the vast majority of cases, absolutely free.

With over 12,000 positive Trustpilot reviews, our online firewood delivery service is being trusted by countless households all over the United Kingdom. Orders under 300 kilogrammes will be delivered to you by DPD. Bulk orders are delivered by Palletways.

Shop now to discover why Lekto firewood delivery is trusted by tens of thousands of UK households or continue to read this article to find out more.

Buy Firewood From the UK’s Most Trusted Supplier

If you’re wondering where to buy firewood, why not choose high-quality products from Britain’s most trusted online delivery service? Lekto Woodfuels provides a wide variety of premium Defra Ready to Burn-certified wood fuels, from kiln-dried hardwood firewood to a large selection of briquettes to firelighters, kindling, Swedish torches, BBQ charcoal, and anything else you might need.

All Lekto products are dried to extra low moisture levels of under 10% (well under the 20% stipulated by the Ready to Burn standard), which helps them burn cleanly and more efficiently than competing products.

Log Delivery Product Selection: Kiln-Dried Firewood

  • Kiln-Dried Birch Logs are the most popular kind of firewood sold by Lekto firewood delivery. They are easy to light, burn with a beautiful flame, and their bark can be used as makeshift kindling.
  • Kiln-Dried Oak Logs are a more premium, upmarket option. Their high burning temperature also makes them perfect for winter heating, as well as the prime choice for searing steaks and baking authentic Italian pizzas.

Wood Fuel Delivery Product Selection: Briquettes

  • Night Briquettes. The longest-burning, most economical briquette available on the UK market. They can burn for as long as 8 hours, which makes them a perfect way for you to save on winter heating.
  • Hardwood Heat Logs. Thanks to their ultra-hot heat output and fast burn, Hardwood Heat Logs can warm any room in just 5 minutes and will keep your home warm even in the coldest weather. This product comes with 20 pre-cut break grooves, which help users use only what they need and eliminates wood fuel waste.
  • Nestro Softwood Logs. A similar product to Heat Logs but with a less aggressive heat output and a lovely softwood aroma that many people associate with Christmas.
  • Fire Logs. The perfect balance between the ultra-high heat output of Heat Logs and the long burn time of Night Briquettes. They output a lot of heat and can burn for as long as 3 hours.
  • Sawdust Briquettes. Classic, easy-to-use briquettes that have been a heating mainstay in UK households since the nineteenth century. If you’re new to briquettes, they are a perfect place to start.

Firewood Delivery Product Selection: Fire Accessories

  • Natural Firelighters. The best natural fire-starting product on the UK market. Made of wood wool and natural wax, they burn twice as long as competing products and give off no unnatural smells.
  • Kiln-Dried Wood Kindling. With their high heat output and ultra-low moisture content, this kindling will make lighting any briquette effortless.
  • Swedish Torch Logs. The perfect way to start a fire outdoors quickly and conveniently. It is easy to light thanks to an integrated fire lighter, will supply you with steady heat for 2 hours, and even contains an integrated cooking surface.

Wood Fuel Delivery Product Selection: BBQ Fuels

  • Restaurant-Grade Lumpwood Charcoal. Chef-approved charcoal that will be loved by all BBQ fanatics. They are praised for their high heat output, lack of chemical additives, long burn, and quick temperature changes in response to airflow controls.
  • Cherry Wood Chips. Used for smoking meats and vegetables. Simply soak them in water for 30 minutes and put them on hot coals.
  • Apple Wood Chips. A similar product to Cherry Wood Chips, only made from apple trees to give the smoked products a different flavour profile.

Frequently Asked Questions About Firewood Delivery

Listed below are answers to the most frequently asked questions UK customers have about firewood, briquette, and wood fuel delivery. If you don’t find your question here, feel free to contact our friendly and helpful Customer Support staff.

What’s the best type of firewood to burn?

Experts agree that kiln-dried firewood made from hardwood tree species, such as oak and birch, makes for the best wood fuel. This is because hardwood trees are denser, give off more heat, burn longer, and contain no sap.

How does UK firewood delivery work?

  1. Open the online store in your favourite browser.
  2. Browse the product selection and add the firewood products you’re interested in into your cart.
  3. Enter your details and go through the quick and simple checkout process.
  4. Receive delivery straight to your doorstep by DPD in just a few short days.

How much do UK firewood delivery services cost?

In the vast majority of cases, firewood & briquette delivery is free, provided you reside in mainland UK and make an order over £75. For more information, see the Shipping & Delivery page.

Is firewood delivery worth it?

National firewood delivery allows households from all over the UK to enjoy the widest selection of the highest quality wood fuels, regardless of where they live. As delivery is free in the vast majority of cases and only takes a few days, countless thousands of UK households are switching to firewood delivery every year.