A Beginner’s Guide to Swedish Torch Logs

A Beginner’s Guide to Swedish Torch Logs

Swedish torch logs are the most practical portable solution for starting outdoor fires.

Thanks to their light weight and integrated rope handle, they are incredibly easy to transport. The flames don’t touch the ground, so your fire can be lit even on wet ground and snow. Their integrated fire lighter and four vents make them incredibly easy to light. And the fact that they burn from the inside out allows the top of the log to be used as a convenient cooking surface.

In this article, our wood fuel experts will tell you everything you need to know about Swedish fire torches and how they make outdoor fire lighting easier than ever.

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What Is a Swedish Torch Log?

Also called Swedish candles, Swedish torch logs are a type of wood fuel consisting of a short hardwood log with four vertical slits cut into it. The slits create a chimney effect as hot air rises to the top and cold air is sucked in from beneath. As a result, the log burns from the inside and the top can be used for cooking.

Lekto’s Swedish Torch Logs are made of high-quality kiln-dried alder and measure exactly 25 centimetres in length. To make lighting them as easy as possible, we integrate an all-natural fire starter into their core. Thanks to the energy density of hardwood alder, a single Lekto Swedish Torch Log can burn for upwards of three hours. The top of each of our logs is perfectly flat, which makes it perfect for placing your pots and pans on.

Why Are They Called Swedish Torches?

Swedish Torches (aka Swedish Candles) are called so because they were first invented by the Swedish Army. The original army design was introduced during the Thirty Years' War (1618 to 1648) as a lightweight, portable fire source that could be easily lit in all weather conditions.

The invention proved to be a massive success. Swedish torches were a lot easier to carry around than regular firewood. Their unique design allowed them to be lit on wet ground (and even snow). And the top cooking surface made preparing hot meals easier than ever, which was incredibly important in winter warfare.

Soon, militaries all over the world started copying the design. Over the following centuries, the design became adopted by adventurers, explorers, and camping enthusiasts. Now, they are commonly used by garden party enthusiasts and outdoorsy individuals.

Swedish Torch: How to Light

Here’s everything you need to know on how to light a Swedish torch log:

  1. Find a safe spot to start your fire.
  2. Place your Swedish candle on solid ground where it is unlikely to tip over.
  3. Use a long match or a lighter to set the centre fire lighter on fire.
  4. If needed, gently blow into the centre of your Swedish fire torch to give the flames more air.
  5. Once the Swedish torch is burning nicely, you can start cooking on it or simply enjoying the warmth of the flames.