The Best of Lekto’s Blog | Top Expert Articles About Wood Heating

The Best of Lekto’s Blog | Top Expert Articles About Wood Heating

If the reviews on our Trustpilot page are to be believed, then one of the things customers appreciate most about Lekto is our library of in-depth, expert-written blog articles.

As of June 2024, our blog has hundreds of articles covering all aspects of wood fuel heating. These articles provide expert guidance on topics such as choosing the right wood stove, the right time of year to stock up on heating fuels, and how to hire the right chimney sweep.

The problem is that there are so many great articles available that it’s hard to know where to start. And it gets twice as confusing when you’re new to wood heating and don’t know what you don’t know.

To help you make sense of the wealth of information available in our blog, we’ve created this “best-of” post. Here, you will find all of our must-read articles. This post will be periodically updated, so be sure to bookmark it for later use!

Top 6 Most Popular Lekto Blog Articles

The popularity of a blog post is the best way to gauge consumer interest in it. The best articles get read, shared with friends, bookmarked, and spread through Reddit, online forums, and social media. By this definition, our most popular blog articles should also be our best. So here are our most popular wood fuel blog articles, according to Ahrefs organic search data.

Best Supermarket Logs: Asda, ALDI, Tesco, LIDL, Sainsbury's

Our all-time most-read blog post is an investigative deep dive into what kind of logs you can get at your local supermarket. While it is easy to dismiss supermarket and petrol station logs as inferior, overpriced products that nobody should ever buy, they’re still the first choice of millions of UK households.

This article sheds light on the kind of logs and briquettes you can expect to get if you buy them at a local supermarket. For this review, we’ve selected options from Asda, ALDI, Tesco, LIDL, and Sainsbury's.

Read our article on The Best Supermarket Logs. Or watch the video version of this article below.

The Rise and Fall of Coffee Logs: From Richard Branson’s Backing to Bankruptcy

Some product ideas seem so amazing on paper that companies cannot help but keep trying to make them a reality over and over again. One such idea is making biomass briquettes out of used coffee grounds. While coffee grounds are compostable, most coffee shops and restaurants simply throw them away. The startup bio-Bean offered to take these used coffee grounds and turn them into an affordable heating fuel. 

This article is a tribute to Arthur Kay’s pioneering vision that at one point made bio-Bean the UK’s largest recycler of coffee grounds with investments from the likes of Richard Branson’s Virgin Media. While the company ultimately went bankrupt, it’s hard not to respect someone trying to make the world a better place.

Read our Article on bio-Bean Coffee Logs. Or watch the video version below.

Log Burner Installation Guide 2024 | Complete Cost & Process Overview

Thinking of getting a wood burner? If so, then reading this expert-written article is an absolute must. In it, we go over all the basic steps of choosing and installing a wood burner and how much you can expect to pay.

Read our Lug-Burner Cost & Installation Guide

Cherry Logs & Firewood: All You Need to Know

A surprising entry on our list. Cherry logs aren’t incredibly popular as a product category in the UK, yet a lot of you seem to really love our article on the topic. So much so that it continues to be one of our all-time most-read blog posts. Do you think we should start stocking cherry logs? Let us know on social media!

Read our Article on Cherry Logs

New £300 Wood Burner Fine

Articles on laws and regulations aren’t what you might think about as page-turning news. Despite this, our article on the fine households in England may expect to pay if their stoves produce more than 3g/hour of smoke continues to be read and shared. The article was referenced in various major news outlets, which was a first for us.

Read about the £300 UK Log Burner Fine

All You Need to Know About Lekto | History, Products, Headquarters & Facts

Transparency has always been at the heart of Lekto Woodfuels. So we took all of the most popular questions about our company and answered them in this article. If you have a question about Lekto, chances are it is answered there.

Read All You Need to Know About Lekto Woodfuels Ltd.

Best Lekto Tips, Tricks, Facts, and Expert Guides

Firewood & Briquette Price Guide: UK Log Prices, Cost Comparison, When to Buy

Price is a sensitive issue for most UK households. These articles are designed to help you make the smartest purchasing decision possible.

If you read one article about how seasonality affects wood fuel pricing, read this one. It goes in-depth into why it is that companies like Lekto can offer such low prices on wood fuels in the summer. It’ll take you about 10 minutes to read, but it can save you thousands of pounds in the long term.

Read our Firewood & Briquette Price Guide

How To Clean Your Wood-Burning Stove and the Benefits of Maintaining It

Keeping your wood burner properly maintained is extremely important. It’ll help your stove burn cleanly and efficiently. It’ll allow you to hire a chimney sweep less often. And it’ll prolong the useful lifespan of your stove.

But how exactly do you clean and maintain your stove?

Read our Guide on Cleaning & Maintaining a Wood Stove to find out! Or watch the video version below.

The Orchestra Inside Your Wood Burner: Why Does Fire Crackle?

Ever wondered why your logs crackle when burned? In this blog article, our wood fuel experts have lifted the veil on this phenomenon. And the answer is a lot more surprising than you think!

Read our article on Why Does Fire Crackle.

How to Maximise Heat From a Log Burner

A straightforward, to-the-point guide on how to get the most heat from your log burner. The article contains 6 tips on how to get your logs to burn hotter. Use them in tandem to get the most heat from your wood-burning stove.

Read How to Maximise Heat From a Log Burner.

How to Start A BBQ Fire with Charcoal and Firelighters

Natural Firelighters are head and shoulders above lighter fluid when it comes to safe and efficient fire starting. But how exactly do you start a barbeque fire with them? This article answers the question!

Article on Starting a BBQ with Charcoal and Firelighters

What Is Wet Wood & Why Should You Avoid It?

This is one of the most important articles you can read when it comes to your health and the health of your loved ones. When wet wood is burned, it releases thousands of harmful chemicals into the air, including cancerogenic creosote. Read this article to shield yourself from potential future health problems.

Read our Article on Wet Wood.

Why the Top-Down Fire Starting Method Is Best For Wood Stoves

An article on the ever-popular top-down fire-starting method. According to our wood fuel experts, the top-down method is the only way of starting a fire that you will ever realistically need. It can get any fire going with minimal fuss.

Read our article on the Top Down Fire Starting Method. Or watch the video version below.

Best Lekto Articles About Wood Fuel Products

The Ultimate Guide to Briquettes: All You Need to Know to Make the Switch

One of our most popular articles of all time. It has all the information you need to know to get started with wood fuel briquettes. It explains why more and more people in the UK are switching from firewood logs to wood briquettes. Tells you about the various types of briquettes on the market. Explains how to use briquettes. And tells you if they’re a right fit for you.

Read our Ultimate Guide to Briquettes. Or watch the video version below.

The Ultimate Guide to Firewood: All You Need to Know

A similar article to our ultimate guide to briquettes, only this one deals with firewood. It has all the knowledge you need to know more about firewood than 98% of people in the UK. This article will help you choose the right type of logs, avoid common mistakes, and heat your home more efficiently.

Read out Ultimate Guide to Firewood

A Beginner’s Guide to Swedish Torch Logs

Invented by the Swedish Army centuries ago, Swedish torches are a fantastic product for camping. A single log is all you need for several hours of heat. And the log burns from the inside, leaving you with a convenient surface to cook on.

While Lekto doesn’t sell this product category anymore, you can still find them elsewhere. 

Read about Swedish Torch Logs.

Top Reasons to Use Firewood Logs | Budget-Friendly & Sustainable Wood Fuel Heating

Not sure if wood fuel heating is right for you? Then this article is for you. It’ll help you understand whether you’ll be better off switching to wood fuels or sticking to mains gas or electric heat.

Read Top Reasons to Use Firewood.

The Ultimate Guide to Ash Logs: Characteristics, Benefits, and Best Uses

Ash logs are by far the UK’s most popular type of firewood. This article tells you exactly why this is and whether they’re right for you. You’ll find out about the main benefits of ash logs and what they’re best used for.

Read out Ultimate Guide to Ash Logs. Or watch our video version of this article below.

Everything You Need to Know About Kindling Wood

Often undeservedly overlooked even by experienced wood stove users, kindling is the link between your firelighters and your main wood fuel. It is the secret ingredient that can make lighting even the most stubborn logs a breeze. Read this article to find out everything you need to know about it.

Read our Big Article About Wood Kindling. Or watch the video version below.

What Is the Best Wood For Your Pizza Oven?

This is one of our most popular cooking videos. Curious what wood to use for your pizza oven? In this article, you will find out about the only type of wood fuel that is used in authentic Italian pizzerias.

Read The Best Wood For Your Pizza Oven

Top 4 UK Firewood Suppliers Compared: Homefire, White Horse Energy, Certainly Wood, Lekto

An article comparing the top 4 wood fuel suppliers in the UK. It was written by a third-party wood fuel expert from the wood-burning stove industry to maintain neutrality.

Read Top 4 UK Wood Fuel Suppliers Compared

How To Clean Your Wood-Burning Stove & The Benefits Of Maintaining It

Another old but very popular article. This one deals with the basics of cleaning your wood-burning stove. This article also has a video version, which can be found here.

Read How to Clean Your Wood Burner (Ash, Soap, WD-40).

Best Lekto Articles About Heating Appliances & Accessories

Are Log Burners Worth It? Top Reasons to Get a Wood Burner

Don’t know whether getting a log burner is right for you? This article will guide you through the pros and cons, potential pitfalls, and approximate costs of owning a wood burner. Getting a wood burner and installing it can cost thousands of pounds, so it’s not a decision to be taken lightly.

Read Are Log Burning Stoves Worth It?

Cast Iron vs Steel Stoves | Best UK Wood Burner Type in 2024

An article you pestered us on social media to write. While there are several expert articles on the topic on the web, most of them are written by stove sellers with a vested interest in selling you the more expensive option. Lekto doesn’t sell stoves, nor are we partnered with any stove sellers, so you can be sure our article is 100% unbiased.

Read our article on Cast Iron vs Steel Stoves

Wood Moisture Meters: How to Choose, Buy, and Use

Wood moisture meters are a must-have for anyone with a wood-burning stove. Even if you’re buying kiln-dried oak logs or wood briquettes, moisture meters are still important to have as they allow you to know how your storage space affects the quality of your wood fuels.

Read our Article on Wood Moisture Meters to learn more.

Log Burner Fan 101: A Game-Changer for Efficient Heating?

A somewhat controversial topic in the wood-burning stove community. Some people swear by log burner fans, others say they’re a waste of money. Want to find out what our wood fuel experts think?

Read our article on Log Burner Fans.

Best Lekto Articles About Wood Fuel Regulations

Unpacking the UK's House Coal Ban: Fines, Exemptions, and Alternatives

House coal is now officially banned in the UK. If you’ve used house coal in the past, this article has everything you need to know about the ban and how to heat your home in the future.

Read about the UK House Coal Ban

Lekto’s Ultimate Guide to Ready to Burn Certification

Defra’s Ready to Burn wood fuel quality standard was developed to outlaw the sale of low-quality firewood in the UK. Before this standard was enacted, many unscrupulous suppliers would sell cheap-to-produce, poorly-seasoned wood to customers. Such wood smokes and smolders when burning, producing a lot of compounds harmful to human health and the environment.

Read All You Need to Know About Ready to Burn

EcoDesign: All You Need to Know About the New UK Wood Burning Stove Regulation

Wood fuels aren’t the only product category that was subject to government regulations recently. All wood-burning stoves currently sold in the UK must comply with EcoDesign regulations that limit the maximum amount of particle emissions.

Read more about the EcoDesign Wood Stove Standard

clearSkies Certification Explained: Above and Beyond Ecodesign

While all wood stoves sold in the UK are subject to EcoDesign regulations, that doesn’t mean all stoves are equally good for the environment. To separate the wheat from the chaff, the wood stove industry has created its own wood fuel quality standard that is much more strict than EcoDesign. Look for the clearSkies mark to get the most efficient stove possible.

Read our Article on the clearSkies Mark