Hotties Heat Logs Vs Hardwood Heat Logs: Which Briquette Product Is Best

Hotties Heat Logs Vs Hardwood Heat Logs: Which Briquette Product Is Best

Hotties Heat Logs and Hardwood Heat Logs are some of the most popular briquette products available on the UK market today. Here's how they compare to each other.

Hotties is a brand name sold by several companies, most notably BSW Energy, to market a popular pini kay briquette product. Hardwood Heat Logs are Lekto's in-house brand of fast-burning briquettes that are perfect for heating up a room quickly and staying warm during the colder days of the year. Both products are used primarily in the winter, yet they are versatile enough to be used year-round.

In this article, we're going to compare Hotties Logs vs Hardwood Heat Logs in terms of their:

  • Popularity in UK households.
  • Product overview.
  • Perfect use case of each product.
  • Real user reviews.

Read on to learn which of these is the best heat log on the UK market!

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Are Hotties and Hardwood Heat Logs the Same?

Despite their name, the two products have very little in common with each other. They are made from different raw materials using different production technologies and have vastly different burning characteristics. Hotties as made using the pini kay production technology, have a moderate heat output, and weigh in at 1 kilogramme. Hardwood Heat Logs are true heat logs. They are twice as large as Hotties, have a high heat output, and can be easily broken into several chunks for ultimate fuel consumption control.

Hotties vs Hardwood Heat Logs: What Is More Popular?

Google Search Trends, UK Region

According to Google's latest UK figures, Lekto's Hardwood Heat Logs are searched for around 25% more often by British users than Hotties. This means that Hardwood Heat Logs are somewhat more well-known and accepted in the market, but the difference isn't night and day.

This information was found using the Keyword Research Tool of Ahrefs, the industry-standard search engine optimisation (SEO) software suite. It is based on actual user searches made in the UK between July 2021 and July 2022.

Lekto's hardwood product ranks as the ninth most searched-for search term containing the keyword heat logs. Hotties rank as the tenth most popular search term containing the keyword.

Google Search Trends Comparison For Hardwood Heat Logs and Hotties Heat Logs

Hotties Vs Hardwood Heat Logs: Product Overview

Despite their similar name, these two products represent two completely different approaches to wood fuel heating. Lekto's Hardwood product is a true heat log, whereas hotties are a type of pini kay briquette. Let us explain.

Product Overview: Hotties Heat Logs 

Log Weight

2 kilogrammes

Log Length

20 centimetres

Log Diameter

7 centimetres


Timber wood residues


Pini kay briquette

Ready to Burn Certified


Certificate No.


According to Wood Fuel Direct, each Hotties Heat Log weighs around 1 kilogramme, has a diameter of around 7 centimetres, and a length of 20 centimetres. The seller states that they are made from timber wood residues, without specifying whether hardwood tree species or softwood tree species are used.

Hotties are created using the pini kay production technology, which means that they have an octagonal shape that stops them from rolling. They are also coated in a special material that allows them to burn without sparking, splitting, or expanding.

Product Overview: Hardwood Heat Logs

Log Weight

2 kilogrammes

Log Length

27 centimetres

Log Diameter

9 centimetres


Hardwood sawdust


Heat log

Ready to Burn Certified


Certificate No.


Lekto's Hardwood Heat Logs are a true heat log product. To create them, 100% chemical-free hardwood sawdust is dried and compressed to a large, circular log shape. 

Each log weighs 2 kilogrammes and contains 20 pre-cut grooves, allowing users to break them into chunks of as little as 100 grammes to avoid fuel waste. Inside each log is a large circular opening that helps create a strong chimney effect (pini kays also have circular openings, but those are usually smaller and don't generate as much heat).

Perfect Use Case of Each Product

Hotties Heat Logs Use Case

Being pini kay logs marketed under a different name, Hotties perform best in open fires and chimineas. Perfect use cases for them include garden parties and family outings.

If you're interested in Hotties heat logs but enjoy the piece of mind that comes from working with the UK's most trusted wood fuel supplier, you'll be pleasantly surprised that Lekto also sells pini kays. Lekto's Pini Kay Eco Logs are some of the best briquettes in their category and can be purchased online today.

Hardwood Heat Logs Use Case

Hardwood Heat Logs are a fast-heating briquette, which makes them a perfect heat booster for your main firewood, sawdust briquette, or night briquette fuel.

They can also be used for warming up cold rooms quickly, which makes them perfect for log cabins and second residences. They provide enough heat to warm your home even in the bitterest of cold, which makes them popular with users in the colder parts of the country.

User Reviews

We looked at real user reviews for both products on Trustpilot. Here are our findings.

Hotties Heat Logs User Reviews

Reviews for Hotties Heat Logs are generally positive. Buyers praise them for burning well, having a high heat output, and being easy to stack. This is consistent with what users generally say about pini kay logs. Some of the drawbacks mentioned in the user reviews include their comparatively high price and the presence of plastic in their packaging.

Product: Pini Kay Eco Logs

Hardwood Heat Logs User Reviews

Hardwood Heat Logs are one of Lekto's most highly-rated products. People praise them for their ultra-high heat output, their easy-to-portion design, and the fact that they leave behind very little ash. 

Drawbacks mentioned include the fact that they expand when burning and need to be stored in their original packaging unless you have access to a dry, ventilated storage space.

Product: Hardwood Heat Logs