The Ultimate Guide to Pini Kay Heat Logs

The Ultimate Guide to Pini Kay Heat Logs

Pini Kay Eco Logs are a premium briquette that offers consumers an unparalleled level of luxury and convenience. They burn as beautifully as traditional kiln-dried birch logs and have the same energy-density as high-performance briquettes. At the same time, they are incredibly easy to use and require virtually zero tending thanks to their no-roll, no-expand burn.

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What Are Pini Kay Briquettes?

Pini Kay wood briquettes are a premium wood fuel that burn beautifully and boast a high heat output. They are prized for their no-roll, no-split, no-expand shape, which makes them easier and more convenient to use than traditional firewood and briquettes. 

What Are Pini Kay Heat Logs Made From?

Quality Pini Kay briquettes are usually made of 100% natural, chemical-free hardwood sawdust. The sawdust is dried to a moisture level of under 9%. It is then compressed to a high density and unique no-roll shape using an industrial briquetting machine. During the last step of the process, they are covered in a special finishing material that prevents them from splitting, sparking, or expanding.

What Is the Calorific Value of Pini Kay Logs?

Lekto's Pini Kay Eco Logs have an ultra-high calorific value of 5,100 Wh/kg. This means that a pair of them contains more energy than most plug-in hybrid vehicles.

How Long Do They Burn For?

Under normal circumstances, they can burn for around 2 hours. In comparison, Hardwood Heat Logs burn for around one hour, kiln-dried firewood burns for around 2 hours, and Lekto Night Briquettes burn for 8 hours.

Why Should I Choose Pini Kay Heat Logs?

  • They have a very high energy density and output a lot of heat.
  • Being ultra-dry, they are exceptionally easy to light.
  • They burn reliably and require zero tending.
  • They can be used in all types of wood burning appliances, including chimeneas, open fires, multifuel stoves, and woodburning stoves.

Pini Kay Heat Logs Review

Here's what real customers say about Pini Kay Eco Logs on the official Lekto Trustpilot page:

  • Really like these, wow do they kick out some heat. They last well and light easily with hardly any mess. I bought them while on offer so also represented good value for money.
  • The pini kays and night briquettes are easy to use, fit well in our small wood stove, and burn well and long.
  • I find the Pini Kay logs burn well and give out a good heat. I use them along with kiln dried birch or oak logs and the house is warm in no time.
  • Recommended fire wood and the Pini Kay Eco logs last a lot longer than wood and other eco logs that we have tried. 
  • I use the pini kay eco logs as they are the perfect size for my small log burner. They put out excellent heat with very little residue, making stove cleaning much easier.
  • The pini kay heat logs kick out a nice amount of heat, are easy and burn clean. Bonus for the chimney!

How to Use Pini Kay Eco Logs

  1. Open the air vents. Set the air controls of your wood-burning stove or chimney to their most open position.
  2. Build your fire. Arrange your kindling in a criss-cross shape. Put a firefighter at the centre of the shape.
  3. Start the fire. Light the Firelighters. The Kindling will catch fire soon after.
  4. Add Your Pini Kay Logs. Once this happens, gently place your Pini Kay logs on top.
  5. Reduce the airflow. When the Eco logs are burning nicely, slightly reduce the air intake. This will help them burn longer and hotter.