Slow Burning Briquettes: The Best Briquette For Money Saving (Updated Dec 11, 2023)

Slow Burning Briquettes: The Best Briquette For Money Saving (Updated Dec 11, 2023)

What is the best briquette you can buy in the UK? Which wood briquette is the most economical? And which one can help you save money by lowering your fuelwood consumption? These are the most common questions our customer support team receives today.

With wood fuel prices rising all over the country, people are once again taking an interest in wood briquettes. And for a good reason. When compared to traditional wood logs, briquettes: a) have a far higher energy density, b) burn for a longer time, and c) are more affordable per kilowatt of heat produced.

But not all briquettes are made equal. Some are easier to light. Some burn hotter. And some can help save you hundreds of pounds on wood heating.

How is this possible? Because wood briquettes differ from one another in production technology, the raw material they're made of, their density, and their shape.

According to Google Search trends, there is one particular type of briquette that UK households are most interested in today: Slow-burning softwood bark briquettes.

They're the most economical, slow-burning briquette on sale in the UK today and they can help you save money on your heating.

Read on to find out how.

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What Are the Best Briquettes in the UK?

Based on over 15,000 positive reviews on Trustpilot, Night Briquettes are the best long-burning briquettes available on the UK market today. Here’s why:

Market-leading burn time. These ultra-slow burning logs have an industry-disrupting burn time of 8 hours. This is up to 4 times as long as traditional RUF briquettes and up to 6 times as long as traditional firewood.

Unbeatable convenience. Having to add logs or briquettes to your burner every one to two hours gets old very quickly. Thanks to their 8-hour burn time, Night Briquettes help solve this problem. This makes them perfect for working from home, family gatherings, and keeping your home warm overnight.

Massive wood fuel savings. Night Briquettes allow you to save money on wood heating by lowering your overall wood fuel consumption. They can be used on their own during milder weather or in tandem with other wood fuels when the temperatures drop.

How to Use Night Briquettes Correctly?

To make the most out of these long lasting briquettes, simply place 2-3 Night Briquettes on top of glowing embers and set the airflow controls of your appliance to the lowest setting. When used in this way, your RUF bark briquettes will last you as long as 8 hours.

How Do Long Lasting Night Briquettes Work?

Night Briquettes consist of a proprietary mix of 100% chemical-free softwood RUF bark. All-natural softwood bark is a quality material prized for its slow burning characteristics. A RUF briquetting machine then compresses this bark to an ultra-high density, which helps pack as much long-lasting wood matter into a single briquette as possible.

Where Can I Use Night Briquettes?

 RUF bark Night Briquettes are compatible with log burners, multi-fuel stoves, chimineas, open fires, and all other types of wood-burning appliances.

Do Night Briquettes Really Last 8 Hours?

Yes, Night Briquettes are ultra long lasting briquettes that can burn for 8 hours in typical conditions. Owners of more energy-efficient appliances may experience burn times of as long as 12 hours. 

What Is the World Record For the Longest Burning Briquette?

The current longest burn time that has been reported by a Night Briquette user is just shy of 16 hours. This time was achieved using a very efficient appliance and with airflow controls set to the absolute minimum.

Unfortunately, this was not done in the presence of an official that could document the record. If you think you can beat this record, contact Guinness World Records. If you set a world record, we'll make you an official Lekto brand ambassador and send you a lifetime supply of Night Briquettes absolutely free.


Three slow-burning softwood bark Night Briquettes stacked on top of their box.

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Why Are Night Briquettes the UK's Best Briquettes?

Night Briquettes are the UK’s best briquette fuel thanks to their combination of long burn time, convenience, and massive savings on winter heating. As most UK households are looking to save money wherever they can, they’re currently enjoying unprecedented popularity.

What Is the Official Website of Night Briquettes?

The official product website of Lekto NIGHT® briquettes is

This article was updated and expanded on 11 December, 2023.